Givers and Not just Takers

So excited! I need to give my HH “Heavenly Husband” praise even in the little things and I am so excited about how He led me to begin sowing hope yesterday.

Let me backtrack to when I started doing Course 1. I had first read the RYM book and looking for more hope I came to the site and completed the MEQ "Marriage Evaluation Questionaire". As I worked through the courses I came to the Sowing and Reaping Lesson which spoke about sowing hope. I will never forget reading that we reap what we sow. If I wanted a restored marriage I needed to sow into hurting marriages. Basically, in whatever you have a need you can sow so that you can reap. Sow forgiveness, finances, kindness and you will reap the harvest of what you sow.

I had such a good laugh about it speaking to Yvonne about how one day walking home from work I gave the Hope cards to women walking on the street after I had read this lesson 🙂 I recently saw the ministry note that we should not randomly give out these cards but that we should give it to women who are hurting as He leads and pin it on Notice boards in shopping centers, malls, libraries etc.

I created a Gmail account with my BNN “Brand New Name” yesterday and for the first time in years I spent a bit of time reading through prayer requests on the web from women for their hurting marriages and responded with prayer and link. I managed to send off one email and left messages for women telling them I found hope for my marriage at I am excited because for the one email I sent I received a response back saying thank you for reaching out to her that she would definitely look at the site and that she needed all the encouragement she could get! I actually came across many prayers requests from this same woman on a couple of other prayer sites. I am thankful that my HH showed me how desperately this woman needed hope.

My HH also very recently brought two women into my family’s life that I know was to sow hope into their lives. They both visited at my home. The first lady He led me to share as she had spoken a lot regarding her EH “earthly husband” and the issues she was facing within their marriage. I told her about the Wise Women video course as she has a small 2 month old baby. I thought she could watch the video’s while feeding him etc. I had my laptop out so I opened to show her and immediately she sat down and started watching the first video! I held her baby while she watched, I was so amazed! Also telling her about the “How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage” book she reminded me before she left that I would borrow her a copy… so I promptly put it inside her baby bag with a piece of paper where I had written down the links to the Encourager and HopeAtLast site.

The second woman he brought into my home and due to what I shared with her from what I learned regarding “Finding the Abundant Life” I shared the LoveAtLast site and told her about how I learned that our HH is our children’s Best Protection as she had told me about how one day her 2 daughters were not fetched from school and had actually decided to walk home on their own! And how worried she was for an entire gut-wrenching hour not knowing where the girls were. I could share with her how reading the chapter had taken away my fear of my children’s safety because now I could rely on my children’s Heavenly Father to take care of them wherever they are especially when I was not around.

Visiting them last night we walked in and she was crying. It turned out she is very overwhelmed with having to leave her baby with a Daymother or a friend as she has to go back to work. Praise Him I was able to encourage her to SG “seek God” and speak to Him about where the best place He had in mind for her baby and that He would take care of her baby. PTL! She was encouraged and said she would seeming much happier:) Not having internet access I lent her my copy of “Finding the Abundant Life” which she has already started reading! Praise Him! And promised I would share the Encourager with her daily by copying and pasting it on WhatsApp for her to read as she did not have the finances to access the sites from her phone either.

So the reason I am writing this PR “Praise Report” today is to encourage every one of you precious ladies that have found hope to Sow Hope. There are so many ways to sow hope but today I want to invite you to join me in our Evangelist Team in praying and sowing hope by searching for prayer requests on the web. It takes up very little of your time and you don’t need to even leave your home and it would take as little as or as much time as you would want it to and you could be a part of the team for as long or little time as He wants you to be.

Romans 10:15 AMP And how will they preach unless they are commissioned and sent [for that purpose]? Just as it is written and forever remains written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”

Personally, I feel it is an honor for me to share the hope that I received because I truly do not know where I would be today if it was not for my Lord and Saviour who has become the Hope and Love of my life. My reason for the Abundant Life I live and why I look forward to a wonderful future due to Him being by my side. I cannot live this life that I live so full of blessings that I cannot share it.

I was reminded this morning that we need to be “Givers and not just Takers” when I thought about a woman that became a dear friend who I encouraged many years ago and over these years shared so much of the resources and encouragement that I received with her which led to my marriage being restored. I thought how sad that so many years have gone by but absolutely nothing much has happened to improve her situation. He reminded me that there was a time that she had asked me about tithing but never followed through, she took so much but never gave any of it away.

One of the most fertile place to Sow Hope is into the lives of women that are hurting and I believe that if we ask Him to lead and guide us He will show us and help us to sow into that fertile soil of women that are living with hurts that only He can heal.

~ Atarah in South Africa

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Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

If you feel that He is speaking to you about joining me on our Evangelist Team then please sign up and be sure you have your “BNN” which will enable you to sow hope anywhere anonymously.