RMI BNN Gmail 1-2-3

Whether you are starting your own ministry as a Bridge Builder or you feel called to share the Truth "For Such a Time as This" you're very early in your Restoration Journey and you are taking the brave and freeing step to let go, PLEASE follow these very easy and light steps below.

1. You will need your BNN and Surname

2.  Username Example: BNN.RMI@Gmail.com or EvyJoshua.RMI@gmail.com

3. On the next page, you will also need a GCI BIRTHDATE

  • We suggest using the Month and day MM/DD that your Ministry began, which could be today!
  • As for the YEAR, MM/DD/YY we would suggest either 3 years older and younger than you are.
  • If your heart is to reach youth, choose a year closer to the audience you want to reach.
    • Keep in mind that if you are too young you may be prohibited from accessing certain web-related things you need.



Step 1 Discover your BNN "Brand New Name."

Step 2 Discover how to EASILY take a "RADIANT Picture."

Step 3 Set up a NEW "Ministering Gmail" account (using the prior 3 steps).

Step 4 Set up 5 SMM "Social Media Ministry" Platforms (after following the above steps).

Step 5 Set up your "OWN Website" sharing the Truth “For Such a Time as This”
(after following the above steps).