Praised and glorified be the name of the LORD. Acquiring knowledge is very pleasant and also increases my peace, since it has freed me from fables and the ways of seeing and thinking.

Once again I read the book A Wise Woman and I have increased my knowledge and my way of seeing things besides that it has allowed me to know much more my Beloved and HH, because in each chapter embodied in the book a wise woman and to know the way and the order of a woman’s life as described in this book, it has allowed me to know more the character of God and His way of seeing things. Besides that, it helps me understand the way He looks at the woman and the order that he established in the union of marriage.

Another of the things that I have acquired this time around of reading the book A Wise Woman is the humility of our Lord and the meekness and subjection that He had to obey God in the sacrifice He made for us. He was so strong to surrender and that made me see that obedience to our authority is not as great or as sacrificial as what He did for humanity.

How great is our HH!

Praised and glorified be the name of God our Father!!

2 Corinthians 1:21 “Remember that God has established our relationship with you in the Anointed One, and He has anointed and commissioned us for this special mission.”

~ Tamar in Mexico