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We would love to hear how the Lord ministered to you through this workbook and video series. Take a moment to write up your testimony on the paper below and mail it to our office, or send it to giving glory to God!

“After this class all I can say is ‘the alpha/the beginning’—I haven't seen the ‘end’ yet.  I can now see where I need to go in my homeschooling.

Thank you for being firm and not wishy-washy in your teaching.  It would be hard to be otherwise because these are things you deeply believe.  But sometimes we hear messages that come across as ‘well, here's a good idea’…  But I'm glad God has convicted you mightily of some things and that you shared them with that feeling.  Many of us share the same beliefs--about youth groups/courtship/how to train children, etc....and needed a strong believer to encourage us.

You drew a lot of different thoughts and areas together (from marriage to organizing the home to homeschooling and beyond....) To have all those areas touched on in one 10-week session were great for me!!  It got me to thinking about lots of areas and challenged me to firm up my convictions and actions.

One area that challenged me was in loving my child.  I was 38 when I had my one and only.  I didn't think it was possible to not love this precious gift.  But, because I hardened my heart toward my husband, it eventually rubbed off on my relationship with my daughter.  I swore it would never happen, when a someone told me that would happen.

However, in going through Wise Woman, the first verse that I copied onto a 3x5 card was Ex 36:26--it was quickened to me and I have claimed it--He will give me a heart of flesh for my heart of stone.

I am going VERY slowly through WW.  I have gone over lesson one about 4 times and lesson 2 about twice.  I want to GET it this time.  I used to teach this stuff, but over time, sooooo much of it has disappeared from my life.

H4H spurred me on to begin scripture memory.  Previously we had been taken up with memorizing the weekly verses from BLAST and that was fairly meaningless--scattered verses with no connection.  Doing it at the sink works well.  We have completed Ps 1 and are on 1Cor. 13

Another thing from H4H is the encouragement to hear from God about your homeschooling and not lean on your own understanding and to homeschoolers for spiritual excellence above academic excellence.

H4H got me online listening to Alexander Scourby everyday with my daughter for our Bible reading.  And the Kent Hovind Creation Science tapes really made an impact on her.  She learned a lot and we've gotten them from the library and have watched a couple of them--she really likes them.

I have gotten back to organizing my house with the 3x5 card system and it has really helped get things done--and without nagging since the class.

And last but not least, since the class I have been asking my husband for his wishes about things instead of making the decisions on my own.  His job is so time demanding that he leaves me to be pretty independent, but I have seen some glimmers of change here.

The study also developed some friendships and a good camaraderie that didn't exist between us before.  

Well, that's the ‘alpha’ of my testimony from H4H…I’m not sure when the ‘omega’ will come to pass.

“She rises while it is yet night…” Proverbs 31:15