He Always Warns Me

♕ Today's Promise: “Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, And you shall commit to Me the work of My hands”. Isaiah 45:11

☊ PR Podcast Anastasia

I have so much to praise my precious treasure!! This month I have been very blessed, I feel His care all the time with me. I will not tire of saying that one of the qualities that I most admire and love in my HH (Heavenly Husband) is that he always warns me or talks to me about things to come.

Three months ago I asked my HH (Heavenly Husband) if this year I could meet with my husband, that day He told me: "So on October 8 the priest Ezra brought the book of the law before the assembly, which included the men and women and all children old enough to understand "(Nehemiah 8:2). The next day, my husband told me that he had spoken with his bosses about his desire to resign and return to our country in October, which for me was a confirmation from my Beloved, it would be in October!!

Days later my husband told me that he had spoken with his bosses and that they made several arrangements with him, and reached new agreements that include a salary increase twice what he was earning, as well as two annual periods of 15 days each one like vacation. Which turned out to be a blessing for both of them \ o /

This month there was a lot of expectation in my family regarding the opening or not of the airport in my country, everyone knows that it depends on my being able to meet with my EH (earthly husband) again, however, the forecasts were not in my favor, and everyone told me that They did not believe it was possible, the news showed that the government was reluctant to open the airport, and in general the atmosphere was that this year we were not going to come out of quarantine, but I remembered what my Beloved had told me and Every time my family said something like "this year I don't think you can travel" I would reply: "I think it will be in October."

They began to talk about opening the airport to specific destinations that were not in the country where my husband is, so he told me that I should travel to Miami and then to the Dominican Republic, and I agreed, but told my Beloved that I would like to fly direct as I have to go with all my bags (I am moving to the Dominican Republic with my earthly husband) and my dog ​​who is quite large so I could imagine going through work with so much luggage. Then my beautiful Love heard my prayer and opened the direct flight to the DR, but His blessings did not stop there, He provided for my husband to travel to Colombia to visit his family and to all leave (with our dog) together to the Dominican Republic. How not to praise my HH (Heavenly Husband)!!! He himself provided help so that I didn't have the whole load of luggage! He has done it like the knight and prince that He is!!!

And of course, as he is so faithful and as he promised, we will meet in October, not the 8th, the 2nd of October!!! Isn't it awesome? He is in control of everything, and I love to see how He loves to bless us and give us so much more than we ask for!

But no, it doesn't end there yet. When we first got married and our marriage crisis began, we were moving to another city in my country, and I was so unhappy about the apartment we were in because I didn't like it, which made me bitter and brought problems at the time. This time the place where my EH (earthly husband) is living where I should go I don't like it, so I told my Beloved that I didn't like that place but that if I had to live there I would do it without complaining or getting bitter, and that I would do my best for adapting.

And my love, as sweet as ever! He went ahead, and this week my husband sent me photos of a very nice apartment for us to live in once I arrive (which he has already set aside), and I was happy to see how my Beloved does not leave any loose detail and how he provides to supply each desire of our heart. I feel so loved by my Heavenly Husband, that I realize how He is the only thing I need to be happy!!!

My dear, just speak sincerely to your Heavenly Husband and open your heart to Him, treasure every word that he gives you and that moves your heart because it comes from Him.

~ Anastasia in Colombia
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