He Gave Me Peace Again

♕ Today's Promise: “You will possess twice as much in your land as before and you will always have joy. In my faithfulness I will give my people what I have promised.” Isaiah 61:7-8

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Dear Brides, today I want to share this praise to thank Heavenly Husband for helping me through another “difficult” time. Sometimes we are afraid of something we know lies ahead but when we give it to Him, He helps us through everything and gives us another unexpected blessing!

This past December was the first time my kids would be away from me for over a week, they went to their dad (former husband) for two weeks. My biggest fear is always whether the other woman is going to be there. Now I never ask questions, when my kids were with their dad for a weekend I did not ask if she was there, I just ask if they had a good time and leave it there. It has always been bad for me that my children are exposed to her but I also know we should not resist evil, so I leave my children in my Heavenly Husband's hands, He can protect them much better than me anyway. Just knowing that He is with them gives me peace of mind.

I was actually quite looking forward to the two weeks, just to rest and I was also looking forward to time alone with my Heavenly Husband. The first few days were nice but after a few days it caught me. I arranged to visit my friend, who lives in another town, the first weekend. I also had to take baby things for her. At that point, the kids and I hadn’t really talked to each other yet, just sent a few messages.

The morning I was about to drive to her, I was quite looking forward to the visit, while pouring fuel into my car, I then got an email from my earthly husband. He unexpectedly invited me to go with him and the kids to a mall near his house (we do not live in the same town). I was a bit beaten out of the field and then sent back that I was on my way to my girlfriend and that everything was arranged, I also had to unload the stuff from her. He then sent back that the children would also like to see me and whether I can just offload the stuff and then come through. I let him know I would decide. Anyway I drive to my girlfriend and all the way I ask my Heavenly Husband what should I do, should I just offload the stuff and drive through or not. Also did not want to disappoint my girlfriend. There I told her about my earthly husband's invitation and she immediately told me I should go and spend time with my kids because she knows I miss them.

Anyway, when I got there, my earthly husband took us for breakfast. But I immediately noticed he was very aloof towards me and did not eat himself either, of course my first thought was that he did not need to invite me, and the rest of the time he acted like that. It bothered me a bit but I then focused on my kids and walked with them. Earthly husband also made me understand between the lines that when they are done, I have to go home and can not go to them (he lives around the block from the center) to drink coffee.

But when I had to go home I gave him a hug and said I appreciate the gesture and that I am thankful that I was able to see the kids for that while. But all the way home I did not feel well and asked my Heavenly Husband why he acted like that. He reminded me of Find the Abundant Life, Chapter 6 "They Don't Have It". It's not that I expected anything from my earthly husband and my Heavenly Husband surprised me so much with the gesture just to break the longing because there was another week left that I would not see them. And He gave me peace again and all that was left was gratitude because He thought of me and blessed me with the day, despite earthly husband's actions. It was also not something I thought about or asked my Heavenly Husband for before, but He knew I needed it !!

“Do not do as they do, because your Father knows exactly what your needs are, even before you ask Him!” Matthew 6: 8

"And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his marvelous riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

~ Adina in South Africa
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