He Is Faithful and Keeps All His Promises

♕ Today's Promise: “How beautiful you are, my Beloved! Ah, how delightful You are!” Song of Songs 1:16 

☊ PR Podcast Paula

My Heavenly Beloved showed me that we have a place of our own, where we can meet and be alone, as a couple. He reminded me that this was the 2nd time He took me to that place, just the two of us <3 and to make sure it was His invitation, He reminded me that these two times I didn’t have to pay the entrance, He arranged that my entry was released free of charge \ o / I bought a cappuccino - which for me is the most delicious I've ever had! - and I sat on a bench in front of the sea and it was there that He told me that this was our place ... It was so romantic! I remember looking around and seeing banks with couples and I felt just like that, there with the Love of my life!

Even though I don't always feel that way, being restored, there are ups and downs ... recently I was very resentful of my earthly husband's attitudes and mainly for his inability to keep promises. I am saddened to have felt this way, to still have to go through these ups and downs, but even more I am saddened by letting the pain take over my heart, even with the most caring and caring man in the world at my side. ..

Sitting there by His side, I started to think about how He could be so kind and loving to me, so I who had once again been unfaithful to Him, searching the earthly husband for what I know that only He is capable of giving me - after all, I know that He is faithful and keeps all His promises !! He is incomparable !!! He immediately reminded me of what I had recently read in Finding Abundant Life and made me smile and thank Him for loving me exactly as I am, not despite my weaknesses and infidelity, but because of them! I had to cry feeling so loved and supported by the best Husband that any woman in the world can have!

Dear brides, what I wish with this praise report is to encourage you to run into the arms of the Son of Man, the Prince of Peace, the One who is with open arms to wrap you in the embrace that will heal all contempt and all pain and fill your heart with His peace! He wants to be your Husband, take care of you like no one has ever done or could do! He knows you better than yourself and loves you, because of that way of you 🙂 My wish is also that you and I continue to become better brides for our Beloved, our Heavenly Husband, are we going together?

“She will run after her lovers, but she will not reach them; you will look for them, but you will not find them. Then she will say: 'I will be with my husband again as in the beginning, because I was much better than now.” Hosea 2: 7

"Have no fear; you will not be ashamed. Do not fear embarrassment; you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of his youth and he will no longer remember the humiliation of his widowhood. For your Creator is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel is his Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth.” Isaiah 54: 4, 5

“How beautiful you are, my Beloved! Ah, how charming it is!” Song of Songs 1:16

~ Paula in Brazil
Our Portuguese Ministry Pastor and Branch Director, for Português Team.
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