He is Love and Kindness

♕ Today's Promise: "Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7: 7

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I want to praise God because He answered my prayer to work near my house. A simple wish but one that was miraculous for me for several reasons. I’ve been working for years and I’ve never had the opportunity to work near my home in the suburbs. I never really asked the Lord because I worked in the IT field of information systems, and most of the companies that hire people in this area are located in the center of the city, far from my place of business. house.

So for me it was normal to spend more than 1 hour of transport and more often 1:30 to arrive at work. And it's the same for almost everyone who works and lives in the suburbs. But it's quite difficult, given the regular transport problems, because you always have to anticipate and leave a little early. And recently the situation has gotten worse because of a strike that lasted for months. Result I took no less than 2 hours to reach my place of work and obviously I was very tired at home or even at work.

It also happened right after my divorce. I was in the middle of a move at the same time.
I then remembered everything we learn with ministry, that the Lord is our Husband, we can talk to Him about everything. I decided to speak to the Lord, asking him to do me a favor, because I had also changed jobs and knew very well by accepting this position that I was still going to work 1 hour from home.

So asking them to change my location to get closer to home was not easy, being still on trial. But encouraged by all the testimonies that I read in our blog, or in the lessons, all the wives that God takes care of for each of their needs like the wonderful Husband that He is. I even asked sisters in the RMIEW family to help me pray, because it was getting very difficult. On Saturdays, I took 3 to 4 hours, because of the strike and the lack of train.

What is amazing is that my faith was very weak at the time. I said to God please Lord help me, if you don't take care of this situation, I'm just going to crack. I already feel so weak spiritually, emotionally, I need strength to just stand up. I even told him, I wish I could work in such a place near the house, but since it seems impossible, please Lord, let me be fair in my area.

But he did, and sent me exactly where I wanted to be. Admittedly I had to pass other interviews with other managers, I was sent here and there, to change my work places no less than three times, but silently I waited for the Lord's help. And here I am. I’m so grateful to him because I don’t even need a car, I can use the train or the bus, I’m sure I can even find a shortcut to get there on foot.

I am all the more grateful to him because my wonderful heavenly husband did not wait for me to have perfect faith, He did not wait for me to be perfect because I was really emotionally unstable, struggling with pain of divorce, but I dared to ask and he had compassion on me. He is love and kindness.

Matthew 7: 7 "Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

What I have learned is just to ask, speak with Him, we cannot say He works miracles or He is love, and be afraid or in doubt when we want to ask Him something. We must let Him take care of our struggles, He is the one who has the perfect answer and solution, but let Him know what takes our peace.

Isaiah 30:18 "And yet the Lord waits for the time to give you mercy, and he will arise to show you his compassion, for the Lord is a just God. Blessed are all those who trust in him!"

It’s not just words, it’s the truth, whether it’s a big or a little fight, a little or a big need.

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