He Is My Promise Land

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This weekend My Love blessed me with so much of His love. I give Him all the praise and glory for all that is happening in my life and in my heart.

My son had a sports event for 3 days and it was 2 and half hours from our home. I didn’t know how I was going to afford a room to stay in while we were there. https://loveatlast.org/fc/poverty-mentality/ I hadn’t reserved a place yet and it was so short a time that I didn’t think there would be any vacancies open near the event anymore. But then the coach called me and offered me and my girls to stay in the master bedroom of house my son’s coaches and team rented AND we can stay an extra night after the team left. Me and my kids were able to stay by ourselves and enjoy another night alone together!! Can you believe that!?! What a blessing! My Love always provides for us and give us more than our hearts desire!!

Before we went I talked to the girls about this trip not being about ourselves. We were going with a serving heart, to feed and support the team. Not to mention I have been working with the girls about not complaining, being negative, arguing, and about following my directions.

It happened to be that it was just me and my girls (ages 10 & 8) to pack and load all of our things plus the cooking grill, propane tank, all the food for 20 people, all cooking necessities, chairs, folding table, canopy etc. because the boys were not home. But I just knew My Love would be with us and with Him everything is possible.

Well He did it! Us girls were able to do it all, work together and have a great time doing it together!! The girls even said after loading the truck that this was a great time and they love me so much! They were full of so much love, joy and gratitude! https://hopeatlast.com/thankfulness-therapy/ I didn’t think I’d hear that when all we had done so far was pack and lift heavy things hahaha!! Hallelujah!! Only through My HH.

Next, FH says he’s on the way with the OW. I have to admit this caught me by surprise. I spoke to My Love and said I don’t want to spend 2 whole days doing all this with her but if this is Your will, My Love, then let it be, I will do it. Not my will but Your will be done. https://narrowroadpublishinghouse.com/rjn-yvonne/ Then I had this thought that maybe she will feel ill and not be staying. When I got there FH told me she can’t sit or walk for too long and she was often in a lot of pain because of several surgeries she had within the recent months. For both days and the final event in the last evening she stayed at their hotel and didn’t show up. “Man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps”. I felt bad for her suffering but the verse came to mind Revelation 2:22 So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways.

On the last day, me, my youngest son and my 2 girls had a great time alone at the beach house together and it was walking distance to the beach. It was a beautiful spot with nobody else around. We had the whole beach area to ourselves!! I’ve never experienced this before. The weather was perfect. After the last couple of days had been cold and windy, today was sunny with no wind. The temperature was perfect to go into the water or to sit on the beach in the sun. Not too hot or too cold!! I have never experienced wether at the beach so perfect like this. Only My HH can do this for us!

The girls had no beach toys or water boards to play on but they didn’t complain. We had a blast finding rocks and shells and playing with wood and branches and their imaginations in the sand and water. They danced in the waves. They laughed and sang.

After I spent time sitting and talking with My Love while we watched our children play and adoring His beautiful creation around me, we all took a walk down the beach together and took pictures. We ran into people walking their dogs and the girls got to play fetch throwing a ball with their friendly dogs and I had a nice interesting conversation about the beach with someone who lived there.

Words just can’t describe how amazing it all was and how amazing My HH is. I just kept thanking My Love for every blessing and the kids kept saying “Thank You Darling”.

My Love even had His loving hand over the girls and there wasn’t any issues. The girls didn’t even complain at the long days at the sports tournament, about how cold it was the first 2 days, or asking to buy things to make them happy. Plus they were being so helpful. We had so much fun together serving others. It truly was all such a blessing.

I remember a time that I used to cry from sorrow and sadness, out of desperation and despair. Now tears fall from my eyes because of overflowing joy. In our moment together on the beach sitting with My Love tears just came down as I expressed how much love I have for Him and how I pray that others can have this intimacy with Him too.

In the past, at moments like this, in the waiting, I would’ve gotten impatient, wondering why nothing was happening and felt like My Beloved has left my side. But now, I don’t need anything to happen. I KNOW He is with me and I love just being here with Him. There’s no where else I’d rather be. This IS my promise land. I AM HERE, RIGHT WHERE IM SUPPOSED TO BE, WITH HIM.

As we left the beach I told the girls to stop and look back. All the things they drew in the sand and the holes they dug would be gone by morning. The water would come and wash it away. It would be like none of it even happened. This is how the Lord works. His mercy is new every morning and when we ask for His forgiveness, he washes it way clean and smooth again like it didn’t happen. He makes all things new. He is our Living Water and we are His beach.

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6 thoughts on “He Is My Promise Land”

  1. Wow Ruby!! There is so much hair to absorb and be encouraged by!!!

    My husband once again reminded me about providing the bridges mentioned in your posted praise. So, with his help, with him guiding me, I’ll begin to share.

    “Thank you, my darling” my husband just told me that I could go get on my computer now that MTMs are following me using their phones – – so now I don’t have to struggle anymore! My husband and I still post our comments and tap on heart ❤️ Likes, but when it comes to ministering where I have to open up several apps in order to accomplish simple tasks, it done on my computer – – glory hallelujah – – I can simply open up my computer.

    Finally, He brought me back when I was surprised to see I simply added the links, as a BRIDGE BUILDER https://loveatlast.org/bb/ to help and encourage many of you readers to study to learn more, renew your mind and begin to REAP the rewards like Ruby is doing so we can read YOUR posted praise!!

    BB https://loveatlast.org/bb/ Ministers, you can easily build bridges by adding links, bridges, to lessons that would help newer brides navigate our many websites, SIMPLY paste them in a comment—maybe along with something encouraging to say.

  2. Hi my dear Ruby, I was really excited when I saw this praise of yours. I have witness your journey since you started and being able to feel that your heart is healing and that you are able to minister your children through your example by recovering your First Love is just amazing. A transformation ❤️ that only your Husband can do because He is the King of the Impossibles turning them to Possibles.
    I felt so related with what you shared about being in the waiting and taking the suggestion Erin left, let me share a lesson that help me understand and enjoy my waiting period. https://loveatlast.org/finding-the-abundant-life/chapter-5-its-so-worth-the-wait/

  3. My dear Ruby, I am o happy that we can comment now!! I have been a fan of your praises!! I love how the Lord is changing your life!! Love the way your children are direct witnesses of every miracle you are experiencing!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  4. Hi Ruby I really enjoyed reading your testimony and the way you described the beach sounds wonderful. I will also be going to the beach in two weeks time on a short vacation and my brother was invited to come with. The problem is that we often get into arguments about religion and I don’t want to be burdened with his ideas as they differ vastly from mine. So I am not shy to say that I prayed to my HL (Heavenly Love) this morning that my brother would change his mind and not come with if it is His will. So watch this space either way there will be a praise report coming.

    1. I know the feeling of not wanting to spend your time in the presence of certain people at that moment. Our HH may want to stretch our faith at times by putting difficult people or situations in our path or He may block that from happening and want us all to Himself. I’m glad to hear you gave it up to Him to decide and your heart is willing to accept His Will for you. He knows exactly what our hearts need and doesn’t need at a particular time in our journey with Him. Whatever He decides and whatever He is doing, just know that it’s exactly what your heart needs for His purpose, to bring you even closer to Him. 💖

  5. Thank you Ruby for your praise, your praises are always such a delight to read. Watching you from the very beginning walking through your journey has been incredibly exciting to witness how He has really began to heal you, transform you and restore you back to Him. The love that He gives can never be compared to anything else and I see how much you are loving Him now ❤️. I am so happy for you and your children and the great plans that He has for all of you!

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