He is my refuge and protects me from danger

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Reading Animador.com, I came across Cristine’s praise testimony – “Hubiese sido un accidente fatal”, with which I remembered that I owe my Beloved this praise that has to do with His care. A few weeks ago something very strange happened, it could be an oversight on my part, definitely, but even in my ignorance, He was always protecting us. I have to go back to the day before, a Friday, where after having a snack with my dad who came to visit, we decided to leave the kitchen clean and then he left.

That night I had felt a little unwell so I went to bed early to rest, due to my discomfort on Saturday I did not get up early so I preferred to spend the morning in bed resting as much as I could, when suddenly around 10 in the morning, they began to knock on the door loudly and insistently, I woke up somewhat scared and when I opened it it was my ex-husband, desperately running to the kitchen.

Trying to understand what was happening to him, I watch as he closes the knob on the stove in the kitchen. it was open!!! You will see in my country we mostly use LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) tanks for cooking, and this is an extremely flammable gas, only if I had lit a match would a tragedy have happened (because it was dispersing in the environment all the time int the night), and what surprises me the most is that this type of gas has a very strong and heavy smell, and I still don’t understand why I couldn’t smell it all night and neither could my daughter.

At that moment, I got so scared because I felt so bad about my obvious mistake, and not being able to detect the smell, we could have suffocated in our sleep, at the very least, but our Beloved is so wonderful, which reminded me at that moment. , that several times at night “something” woke me up to turn on the air conditioning, I see how it even protected me in that way.

Once we started to open the window and the door to try to ventilate the apartment, I was waiting for the ex-husband’s call to attention, but I was surprised that he only thanked and was glad that we’re okay, that’s when he reminded me that The day before, he told me that he was not going to come to the house that day because he had other things to do, but while he was on his way, “something” “a voice” told him to come home, the funny thing is that he did not feel the desire to call me and ask if we were okay, but rather that he felt he had to come, and when he got to the door from downstairs on the street, he felt a very strong smell of gas, which made him run up in desperation.

Although it has been a worrying situation and I still do not understand how it happened, it was beautiful to experience the care of my Beloved in this sense and circumstance, which I still cannot explain, everything for me at that moment was shocking and even seeing how my daughter’s father I was grateful and surprised at his supernatural moment and not angry calling me out. “But I will sing to your power, and in the morning I will praise your love; because you are my protector, my refuge in moments of anguish. S5916

That day I verified once again that our lives and days are in His hands and although I still do not understand why He did not warn myself, I praise Him because there is nothing that can touch us without His permission, and that there is no obstacle that He cannot move to make us feel His care and enjoy His favor.
“You are my refuge; you will protect me from danger and surround me with songs of liberation. “S327

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2 thoughts on “He is my refuge and protects me from danger”

  1. Wow Perla what an INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY of your Father’s protection. I’m very familiar with this dangerous peril as one of our grammar school teachers passed away from this.
    What’s interesting too and only time “might” tell is your Protector chose your ex-husband who was facing the potential LOSS of both you and his daughter. If you ponder each detail that came together it really is a marvelous picture of how in control God has us in His hands 🙌🏻

  2. Wow Perla I’m so glad that I came to read your incredible testimony!! I am amazed at HIS protection for you and your daughter!! Yes gas can be very very dangerous!! I am also surprised that your EH did not exchange any words with you that is quite surprising. And like Erin said interesting to see what He has planned to use your ex-husband as the savior of the day!!

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