He is Working in My Life

♕ Today's Promise: “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.” Psalm 1:1

☊ PR Audio Naomi

Praise God for he is working in my life. I am so happy and thankful for Him.

I have been always struggling with let go, mostly due to my husband be at home, he never left home physically. It have been a challenge to let go with him being always here at home. And when seeking the Lord about letting go, I perceived that I have to let go but at the same time love. Based on this Scripture: Ecclesiastes 7:18 It is good that you should take hold of the one, without letting go of the other; for the one who fears God shall succeed with both.” (Emphasis ours throughout.).

I take care of home and kids, cook and honour him. But I also understood that I shouldn't be affectionate towards my husband, or being near him or around him. Always tried to be away. If he would be in one room I would be in another, But I still need to let him know that he can come and talk and be friendly. I let him initiate conversation always and never search for him. When I started putting into practice with God's help he have been pursuing me, talking more often and today wants to go out together to pick our son from school. Sometimes there were days which was very confusing and complicated I would not know if I should show more love or press more on the letting go. But God is so good and merciful that He begins to give me dreams. God always speaks with me through dreams a lot. So he gave me 3 dreams which showed me the condition or my heart and of my husband heart in order for me to let go.

My first dream was that in my heart I did not let go, I were thinking that I did. My husband was ahead of me walking, not much caring for me, then at some point he was gone somewhere and I was desperately searching for him and I couldn't find him, God brought me this Scriptures to mind. In Hosea 2:7 And she will pursue her lovers, but she will not reach them; And she will seek them, but will not find them. Then she will say, ‘I will go back to my first husband, Because it was better for me then than now!’ after waking up I completely understood that I had to press on the Letting go. If till that point I was not willing to let go, this dream gave me completely the power to do it.

Then God gave me another dream also at that point I thought I had let go. But God showed me that I still desired very much to have some kind of pleasant contact with my husband, and in that dream we were intimate but it happened that he became very angry at me and pushed me, because I kind of "seduced" him in his mind. I cried still wanting to hold on unto him.Then I remembered from someone restored testimony that the woman said that when she wouldn't let go, that her husband was treating her like a harlot, which she was, not to him but to the Lord. This dream algo gave me a lot of strength to let go.

Finally the last dream showed the heart condition of my husband. Previous day before this dream my husband was very kind and nice towards me. I even were thinking perhaps we are very close to be restored but I had learned previously that I shouldn't trust in man just in God. But I was puzzled did not know if should press more on letting go or love. And in a dream God showed me that my husband just like me, he wanted just to have a pleasant contact with the OW (other women), she was not interested in him (which by do way was my prayers) but he did not wanted to let her go. This was a confirmation for me that I must to continue let him go. God is so faithful and amazing. Such guidance he have been giving me.

Dear brides never lose site of him, indeed He can direct our steps. I love you my beloved Husband. You are everything for me.

I always have been hard for me to let go. Now I can say that I have strength to do it. Because my beloved is helping and I asked Him for it. Together with becoming His bride.

~ Naomi in United Kingdom
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