He makes a way.

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Hi Ladies,

Almost a month ago my son and I were driving home on the interstate when my car started to act up, slowing down, and making all kinds of noise. We made it home to park it and my eh looked at it. He said “It’s not looking good” so he follows me to the dealership the next day to drop it off. It was the motor and those are expensive! I still owe lots of money, 4.5 years on this car. I was starting to get a little nervous, thinking my car was probably not under warranty anymore. Instead, I gave it to my Beloved.
Normally I would have been in a panic, anxiety state worrying about how I am going to get the boys to school and myself to my jobs. This time was different. I really didn’t even think about it too much. For the first week my eh took me and the boys 3 different places to drop us off, or my oldest son and my mother helped.
The dealership did say it was definitely the motor needing replaced and they had one ordered. I asked if it was under warranty, and it was!!! PTL! It has 111, 000 miles on it and the warranty expires at 124,000. He is so good!
While I am still waiting on the new engine to come in my aunt is selling me her car (in decent shape) for a small, small price. It also makes me feel better that I am not having to inconvenience anyone to get us to and from.
That was a great feeling of giving it to Him and being so content. Other times, I would have panicked and made myself sick with stress.

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4 thoughts on “He makes a way.”

  1. Update: The dealership called today and I picked up the car with the replaced engine for $0.00!! I was able just to trust in my Beloved and relax this month while waiting. 💜

  2. Hi Hope, thank you for coming to share this amazing praise I enjoyed reading it while I’m having my breakfast with my HH 😊 amazing how your car was still under warranty 🙌 reminds me of when l also thot my washing machine was not under warranty but it was!! It broke just before… And my laptop just stopped coming on and was also on warranty just in time… So l got a brand new one 🙌 and you are getting a brand new engine for your car 😁 just love how He Takes Care of us ♥️♥️♥️😉😍😘

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