He Must be My Treasure! My All!

Dear brides, our HH’s love for us is so infinite, He wants to do more for us and shows us how wonderful his love for us to see that makes us a call to go to deeper waters to learn to love unconditionally and to allow others can know and feel the need for Him in their lives.

You dear sisters, God in His great love HE gave this book Finding the Abundant Life as a gift for us to know the abundant life He has designed for us, so that we know how we CAN feel satisfied, happy, loved and protected forever, and opening our eyes to a new understanding of what it really means to love as he loves us and likewise calls us to have an intimate relationship with him in which we experience all these blessings have been waiting for.

Luke 6:38— “Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

When thinking about this Chapter 1 “What Is the Abundant Life?” all that shocked me remembered this verse (above), and I can see that the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven are completely true, as our beloved Erin has given us so much, he has shared so much love with us that God filled her with much love, so much love! He stopped “apparently needed” in front of others she suffered. This really impressed me, I feel it is such a deep relationship with our Beloved and really all I can feel is longing for love that is so deep, selfless and sincere, He deserves all and I want to fall in love again, even more .. . He must be my treasure! My all!

The way it renewed my understanding has been very significant, I believe that love for the Lord is so deep, so far in my little capacity envision how huge it is, I think actually know that love, that is, not what could be confined! I can just begin to see that it’s inexplicable and giant … not for anything selfish. I can honestly identify more with the author’s husband, who thinks being “pleased” I believe that I am before God … and I wonder how I can give you my love if I do not have that kind of love?

This is the kind of relationship that every woman should have with our Beloved, it is in this relationship where we rest and we find happiness and fullness of life. Reading through this chapter my Beloved helped me see the importance of giving selflessly, it also helped to crave more and more of Him. He renewed my mind in the sense that indeed He is what matters, nothing else, I have everything I want or could want in my life is being closer to Him!

The only thing that can help, is to seek Him, love Him, desiring to His bride, live for Him and for Him.He definitely is all I need to live! This chapter touched me so I can only think as to how could I have lived for many years without this relationship I have with him today !!!???

I think the way to get to the point of having this kind of intimacy with the Lord is by following the principles we have learned, obedience, seek Him for all, to be clear that He is the who owns our dreams, yearnings, desires, and tears, to turn to Him, all that is our beloved HH who loves us with an everlasting love, as His Bride!

My love, I feel so lucky that I’ve been brought here by You. I feel so grateful that I have been shown the truth, to experience Your love, Your faithfulness, Your comfort. I feel so lucky to experience all that I have today is You, to see how you’ve transformed me, filling me with joy in my heart and as You have changed my mourning into joy. I like spending time with You.

I know that this time is priceless, more than any other activity in the world, I hope that when the time to grant me the blessing of being a mom and a worker at home I can have in order to spend more time with You … I never imagined that I could experience this love today, now that I have you! I want to sow hope in the hearts, and motivate women who are hurting to find You too!

Pray with me: “Lord, I want more of You, I want to be closer to You, help me understand how to get closer, help me to go deeper in our relationship, I want to go a step beyond what I have now lived next to You, I want to love You more, give You more of me, experience more of Your love. Help me to give without expecting anything in return, remove my selfishness, and change to help me to delight myself in You and keep my desires and my eyes always on You.

Dear brides,

The love we knew in our marriage is nothing compared to what He wants us to have. He is more than we ever have dreamed in our wildest dreams, He is infinitely larger and more beautiful and all He is is Love!

~  Anastasia in Colombia
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