He responded in a Funny Way

 Today's Promise: "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this”. Psalm 37:5

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Today I have a funny testimony to share, about a response to two of my requests.

A month ago I shared in another praise testimony that I was Covid positive at home, and I was not feeling well, but my children and my nephew had no symptoms, although my mother was not feeling well.

The truth was pending to present this testimony of praise, because 2 days later we all took the test and blessed be my beloved, my children, my nephew and I who lived together were Negative. Unfortunately my mommy came out positive, but also thanks to my beloved, the symptoms had almost completely passed. My beloved is so good and faithful that we are all negative and we have overcome the Covid. All the Glory to HIM.

But my love is so funny, that to this is added another testimony of praise, because a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed and wanting to find the time to clean my house, keep it clean ... and feel less stressed with so much mess. I have 4 children and it is frustrating to see that no matter how much I clean and collect, there is always a mess in my house. This had me a little overwhelmed and in low spirits. I was sharing and confessing this situation with my fellow colleagues, because I never have time to spend all day collecting and cleaning, between work and the children, with school, homework and meals.

Then, the next day after I was sharing this, they gave me the results of another Covid test that I had to do for my work, since a colleague came out positive ... and well imagine my face, when they receive me in the morning and they tell me that I am positive again that I should go home !!! .... I was so surprised !! but something told me in my heart that this was not true, that there was some mistake. I ran out of there to repeat the test again, but it was already Friday and I had to wait until the following Monday to know the results.

The truth is that something made me think that this was the work of my beloved to give me time to clean, and then I got down to work. That same afternoon I had the chance to do everything I had accumulated in the house, I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, I picked up the children's rooms and organized them, I washed all the closet I had, in short, I ended up super tired, but happy. . My beloved is so good and faithful ... that even in those things that seem to be very domestic, he is faithful. He is my husband and my everything. In order not to make a very long story, on Monday at noon they notify me of my Negative results !!!! Glory to God!!!!! my beloved is amazing !!!!! Falling in love with Him is the best thing that has happened to me in life and it is so beautiful to feel loved by Him !!!!

My beloved, have full confidence that our beloved Heavenly Husband is there by our side, in the least expected moments. He thinks of everything. He loves us like the apple of his eye. Trust in Him and leave all your burdens to Him. He never fails and always keeps his promises. Blessings!!!!

~ Paola in Florida
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