He will Set the Record Straight

In one of my praise reports, I spoke of the fact that 2 of my daughters were trying to become pregnant. Well I am pleased to say that my middle daughter is pregnant and expecting their son whom they are calling “Luke” at the end of October. How wonderful that they chose a Biblical name (Not that they knew it of course ). I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed them and myself in this wonderful way. I am patiently waiting for God to answer my prayer and bless my youngest daughter with a baby.

This praise report is specifically about thanks, thanks to God who takes care of even the littlest of things. I recently received vouchers from my daughter via my phone that you can redeem at one of the Supermarkets here in South Africa, but the problem was that you had to buy in denominations of R100 so if your purchase is R120 you would lose the R80.

I had made use of the voucher the week before and had no problem. When I went yesterday the teller told me that the vouchers were not working and sent me away having to leave the box of hair color I wanted to purchase behind. When I got home I decided to find out if the color I was going to purchase would, in fact, be suitable for my hair (as I have some grey in it) only to find that it would not have been suitable! It would have turned out orange on the grey lol.

I thanked the Lord that I could not purchase the color saving me from making a mistake. When I returned today to inquire about the vouchers and wanting to choose a suitable color I was assisted by a wonderful lady who told me that I was not supposed to have been sent away they should have helped me. Well, she then put all the vouchers on a gift card and I am now able to purchase for ANY amount I want. Isn’t God just wonderful in the way that He works? How his favor follows us everywhere we go. Coincidentally I greeted the ladies on our Translations whatsapp group this morning wishing Gods favor to be upon them.

I believe that as Erin says over and over again that once you start doing something for someone else Gods favor will be upon you. So, ladies, I’m saying if you can’t do anything but pray for someone ..start doing it now! It is very very very powerful. And also declare those things that you want for yourself and others. Words are very very powerful and the Lord does incline His ear. Be blessed and Highly favored.

Psalm 116:2-6 The Message (MSG) I love God because he listened to me, listened as I begged for mercy. He listened so intently as I laid out my case before him. Death stared me in the face, hell was hard on my heels. Up against it, I didn’t know which way to turn;
then I called out to God for help: “Please, God!” I cried out. “Save my life!” God is gracious—it is he who makes things right, our most compassionate God. God takes the side of the helpless; when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.

Yes, it is God who makes things right. Not just the little things but big things too. I believe that God has laid it on my heart that He will set the record straight. Whatever we may be facing right now, big or small. He will set the record straight.

~ Mercy
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