Heavenly Husband Has Refuted All the Lies

♕ Today's Promise: “Now I can say to myself and to all, “Relax and rest, be confident and serene, for the Lord rewards fully those who simply trust in him”. Psalm 116:7

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Years ago before my Lord became my Heavenly Husband, I limited Him in so many ways. I was listening to the Encouraging Videos and reading Restored Marriage Testimonies when I heard how husbands would say things like: "I don't love you" and later turn around and say the opposite.

With my human eyes, all I could see was my FH's resolve when he said all those things to me and I could not see how it would ever be any different, but I prayed about it, and over the years, I actually forgot about all of it:)

Now, that I am in this stage of my Restoration Journey, let me tell you ladies, that my Heavenly Husband has refuted all of the lies that the enemy told me through my FH and my own thoughts! The Lord led me to go back to my MEQ. I actually completed it this month, 7 years ago:) And a few days ago the last lie on there was disproved. I hope this will encourage all of you to just hold on to your Heavenly Husband and let Him do all the fighting for you. In the last few weeks these are all of them:

Lie: My FH first said that he did not believe in God and then later that he could just not understand how God can exist.

I just need to add here in my MEQ I wrote: "Now I am asking God to answer my husband's question."

Truth: Now he says there is no doubt that there is an Intelligent Creator and that God exists and anyone that denies that, just don't want to see the truth.

Lie: He told me he never loved me and if we would have met now, we probably would not even have been interested in each other at all.

Truth: He told me that he loves me.

Lie: He is not even sure he knows why he married me.

Truth: We compliment each other and I have always given him what he needed. He enjoys our conversations and on some days they are what keeps him going.

Lie: What he has with the OW is more than just love.

Truth: He made the biggest mistake of his life and he was selfish and because of that he caused this terrible mess. They are not compatible at all and he does not know what he was thinking.

Lie: This next lie was what the enemy told me and it was the last lie that my Heavenly Husband corrected just this week. This is what I said: "It is difficult to live in the same house with my husband while I know his heart wants someone else."

Truth: This week my FH said: "I don't need to be with just someone, I need to be with you"

My dearest bride, you may read this and think that your EH will never change his mind. Let me tell you, I was there once, and if you hang on to the Lord with all you have, if you seek His face instead of just His hand. If you ask Him what He wants to do with your life because it now belongs to Him and not to you. If you start trusting Him with every aspect of your life and You surrender to Him knowing that He knows best whether you can see it through your human eyes or not...

What will happen is that all the words that were spoken and all that happened that hurt you, will not matter anymore because you will have Him to comfort you and you will know that those words will never be said by your Heavenly Husband. Instead, He says:

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Once He speaks those words tenderly to you, even though you will still face various trials, you will do so with Him right next to you and all you have to do is look on in adoration as He does all the work while your mouth hangs open in astonishment:):):)

But you must be willing to surrender ALL!

~ Yvonne in South Africa
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