Help me Forgive

It has been a few days since i went on an overnight trip with my EH and PIL for my FIL birthday.

I had been constantly struggling with letting go again the past few days after as it has been the first time again I’ve spent some time with them and i admit that seeing my EH doing the things he does, it somehow pierce through my heart although i try my very best not to show, with the help of my Beloved of course!

the past few days, i asked my Beloved to please get ahold of me and my emotions. I cried so hard the other night begging Him to take away the pain and the hurt and to just let me move on with Him in my life and how i look forward to spending the rest of my life with HIM only. I told Him that I’ve had enough of the hurt and i cannot take it anymore so if He can please, remove any feelings i still have for my EH because i want to move forward to our life together and that i no longer desire our marriage to be restored.

it was painful indeed but i found peace inside. Then last night, the OW came to my mind and all sorts of negative emotions started to show up in me and i cried to my Beloved again to this time to please help me forgive her and heal me because i cannot do it nor do i want to do it. Only He can do it for me and i woke up at dawn suddenly when He prompted me to pray for her, so i prayed for her deliverance, that may she find the Someone who would love her like He does, that she find her way to the Lord and I want to restore her family also.

When i wake up today, i felt peace incredibly! When i thought of her, i can no longer remember how angry or hurt i was at her thinking that is just how i felt yesterday.

Psalm 37:10 “Yet a little while and the wicked man will be no more; and you will look carefully for his place and he will not be there.”

I pray for this verse and i know that i will no more remember the wickedness of the enemy but look to the OW as an instrument and slave to her master in which she cannot do anything but obey.

~ Cherie in Manila

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