I Began Laughing

I really loved the Living Lesson Week 19 “He Leads Me: GPS” 🙂 I remember reading for the second time when He showed me GPS almost sparkling and I began laughing, because in Portuguese these letters are the initials for “Guiadas pelo Senhor” meaning “Guided by the Lord”, isn’t it incredible? So I began talking to Him, telling how special it would be to have it translated in this way!

Moreover, the day before I left work and had to go to a bookstore and I was really tired and I had to walk a long way. After buying the book I thought I had to go to the supermarket before going home, but I decided to quit because the one I knew was very far away from where I was. I was talking to the Lord about it and it was when He reminded me that there was a market close to where I was! Wow! I could feel refreshed and strengthened… I took a few steps and saw the whole market for me! (laughs!)

Now I can say that it was “God’s Position Spiritually” or that I was “Guiada pelo Senhor”! Like Erin told us in this special LL, thank you, Erin! In addition, it is so special to be guided by the Lord and that is what happens when and if I allow it! He just wants to have the chance to be with us, not walking ahead or behind us, but by our side, holding our hands, showing us the way.

I am so grateful to be here and to have known this kind of utter Love! I am still learning all that He is and wants to be for me and all that He wants me to be for Him. I really love reading about the way Erin does that sort of thing so naturally with such complicity! That's what I want to learn!

After discovering this I was lead to revise this Living Lesson considering the initials GPS in Portuguese, and I cannot stop smiling:).

Now I am writing to you, dear brides, to encourage and remind us that we have our own GPS, so close, available, unfailing and not only this, but we also know that He “the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion” Isaiah 30: 18 I have to stop trying to solve things before going to Him.

So as Erin wrote: “Dear bride. This week you may have felt like your world was spinning out of control, leaving you confused and unsure of which road to take. If so, like me, simply ask just as I did. If you’re not used to living this way, as His bride, you don’t want to miss out on the simplicity of Him leading you throughout your day.”

So if you speak English, check your GPS “God’s Position Spiritually"
If you speak Portuguese, check your GPS "Guiada pelo Senhor"
And if you speak Spanish, check your GPS "Guiada por el Señor"

He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:3

Let’s try it together! Be encouraged!

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When I read Paula's LL “He Leads Me: GPS” PR I couldn't stop smiling!!!

Yesterday, as every day, I was so in awe of how MARVELOUS this one (of many) benefits of being His bride really is. Due to Tara being so busy with our move (today's the big day) there was no gas in the car, the light read EMPTY when I got in on my way to an appointment that was quite a distance. Tara offered to go but I said, "No, it's okay, I'll be late so I envisioned a station on my way."

Tara said, "There's not one there..." but I said He'll lead me and took off. At the stop street I told Him, "Tell me, right, left or go straight... even if I am late I am not going to change following You're leading now or ever" so He led me to where I'd envisioned and you guessed it (and so did Tara when I got home to tell her)—there was a brand new station, our favorite!! AND of course, He goes beyond, coming out He told me to write a text on my phone "I'm almost there" to the woman who does my hair, but not send it. She text when I was 5 minutes later "Are you coming?" when I was at the light just about to turn in, so I sent it, and my heart could almost burst.

Tara and I live like this every day and I just want each of you brides to know how wonderful it is to live this way and how much YOU deserve to live this way! I'm sure you would agree—He deserves soooo much more praise than we give Him!!

~ Erin