I DO the Impossible, Believe it Now!

Dear friend! If you have read this beautiful Chapter in Salvation stories Week 5 Heroin Addict, you will know that what you found impossible, HE will do it !!!! Never doubt that, because we have a powerful HH that makes the impossible possible !!! Do not faint! HE is working in silence !!! I KNOW, I AM VERY SAFE!

This beautiful chapter Week 5 Heroin Addict, touch my heart! My beloved HH spoke directly into my ear and told me: I DO the impossible, believe it now! … when I began to read it, my mind traveled through the life of my brother, I prayed for him since I met Jesus … and today my beautiful love renewed that thought that has often been negative, and that at some point he thought that I was not going to take away from my brother that horrible addiction that has him a slave, and he is destroying his family and his life. Now my mind thinks and believes that He will SAVE my brother. because Nothing is impossible for GOD!!!

I immediately thought of my second brother, who is addicted to cocaine and alcohol, for me it is very sad to see how he destroys his life and his family, because his wife also drinks, and they leave my niece alone (her 10-year-old daughter), all the weekends that go to parties, thanks to my HH she is never alone, because since she goes to church (where my husband and I shepherd teenagers) she stays at my house to go to church together.

I pray a lot for my brother, because he is immersed in debts and problems in his work, because he spends money drinking and drugs and fights with his wife horribly, and my niece is very affected by that, to the point that when he goes to the church and we minister to the young people, she surrenders herself to the Lord in tears and clamor so that her parents can be saved! For me, that is very beautiful, because my brother and sister-in-law did not let her come to church with us because she (my sister-in-law) is Catholic, and said that her daughter should not be a Christian … But my beloved is so beautiful, that he has put anxiousness in the heart of my beautiful niece! She works hard in her tasks, is very obedient and behaves well, just to be able to go to church and be with her family and with her companions with whom they pray for their families.

Every time I was sick, the thoughts ran through my mind that made me doubt that my HH would heal me, and fear governed my mind and my heart, (Jeremiah 17: 9). When I was in the hospital for a serious illness and I saw women dying in the beds near mine, for me it was a terror and I could not sleep, I put praise music on my cell phone and slept with my bible on my chest, I fell asleep reading, and I woke up scared, and read again until I fell asleep again … so spent whole nights! But my Beloved HH sent his forces to my hospital bed, and Lota wrote to me, my beautiful friend sending me many verses about being brave and that GOD was with me! She called me and we prayed together! He used my husband who told me a thousand shall fall at your right 1000 and to your left 10000, but you will not touch (Psalm 91). I knew it was MY HH sending those reinforcements to tell me that I was never alone! And the struggles were overcome by his immense love! Now, these struggles are less and less, because I do not weaken when sick, I get sad, but I give my HH everything I feel, and fear no longer invades me.

Let’s pray together for our families now: To the most wonderful love that exists for me: My Beloved! Today I want to thank you for covering me with that incomparable love that every day gives me the strength to continue doing your work and to face the tests that come, I thank you for them too, because of all I learn and I am strengthened in my weaknesses! My beloved, I ask you to continue to guide me in everything I do and that your Holy Spirit floods my whole being, and your beautiful face shines on me and my family, to be instruments of your love and attract many more lives to your SALVATION!

I ask you to use and use my family for this! because you changed our lives and made it abundant !! And that’s what I long for all my family! … I know you can do it, you’ve already caught my nephews. My brothers (their parents) are missing, use your beautiful ties of love that will make each member of my family fall in love and that of my EH. Thanks my love! I know that the next miracle of salvation is near! And I thank you for that great miracle, which I hope to share in another form! I am yours always !! I LOVE YOU!!!

Mark 10:27 “Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

Luke 1:37 “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”

These verses are my motivation to continue to follow the beautiful journey that my BELOVED has given me!

~ Ziva in Peru
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