I had a Long Distance Relationship with The Lord

♕ Today's Promise: "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you”. James‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭

☊ PR Podcast Ruth

Beloved brides, before I read Restore Your Marriage, I was listening to others’ accounts of the Lord. I was led by well meaning preachers, family, and friends. That was all good. Without them speaking truth over my life, I would’ve perished even further. The problem was that I became dependent on them. I needed them to feed me the Word and feel close to the Lord and that’s not what the Lord has called me to do. I had a long distance relationship with the Lord, far and unreachable.

My heart has been heavy as I share hopeatlast.com with women who later message me saying their pastors or Christian counselors told them to do “this” or “that.” The Lord tell us to seek wisdom in His Word, not from man as man’s wisdom is foolishness to God. We are to seek Him in all things. I’ve fallen to this trap of seeking wisdom from man and the desire of my heart is for women to experience the wisdom that comes from Him.

While reading Restore Your Marriage, it taught me to let go of church. This was confusing to me at first. Yet, He led me to understand that if I continued to rely on a man/woman feed me God’s Word, I was not going to grow in my relationship with Him, experience Him, or live abundantly. I let go of church and all videos I was watching online. God speaks to us and then confirms through others. If we go to others first, we rob God of His place and we are unfaithful to Him. This isn’t disobeying those over us. SG (seek God) first, then He will confirm through His Word and those around us who know Him, as we share His Spirit.

Before coming to RMI, I used to listen to multiple preachers daily to feel fed. I didn’t study the Bible as I should’ve. When I came to RMI, the resources were my bread and butter, my food since I didn’t know how to get closer to the Lord. The resources gave me practical applications on what to do to seek Him more and more, such as reading Psalms and Proverbs every day, writing 3x5 cards, singing love songs to the Lord. At some point, I understood that all these resources had to become third in my life. First, I was to pray without ceasing. Second, store His Word in my heart and mind. Third, use the RMI resources that He led me. I would confirm what the courses said through steps 1-2.

I’m currently seeing another ministry is destroy itself through its leader. It’s so sad so many women follow the leader instead of SG (seek God) for wisdom and direction. I don’t know the truth about what’s happening, so I spoke to my Beloved about it. I don’t need to know the truth. I need to know what He would have me do and be obedient. He doesn’t waste anything and I’m learning many lessons through that ministry’s situation. My heart is heavy for the thousands of women who follow that ministry and how sad and confused they are. Some of these women are not SG for wisdom and direction causing them to be confused and hurt.

My Love, thank You that You are the Source of all wisdom. Thank You that You are a reachable God who longs to be in a close relationship with me. Thank You that I can ask for Your wisdom and You give it to me as Your Word says. My Love, I lift up all the women that are lost and who rely on others to feel close to You. Lord, guide them to a close personal relationship with You. Open their eyes to see You are there with them. Help them live in the abundance of Your love and lead them to You.

Brides, I encourage You to let go -for a time- of the resources you are using to get closer to God. SG in His Word, prayer, worship, love songs, and whatever else He leads You too. You don’t need anything but a Bible to be close to Him. He longs for You. Don’t miss out by following man. Seek Him first and all else will be added.

~ Rut Ester in Florida
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