I Want to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

♕ Today's Promise: “And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her.” Esther 2:15

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Dear brides, I want to share with you how beautiful and loving Heavenly Husband is. First of all, however, I must admit that I have had a problem with fasting for some time. I stopped fasting regularly because I was demotivated, I didn't see any results in relation to my earthly husband. On the contrary, the whole situation is only getting worse, and today I am on the spot waiting for divorce papers from the court. But in the last days, through the grace of my Beloved, I figured out that fasting has become a duty and a means for me to achieve the goal of a restored marriage.

I asked Him to help me with that, because I wanted to fast, but not if it was just a duty. I wanted it to be a fast that pleases Him. My Heavenly Husband was so kind and loving that during the recent fast he led me to the Word where I read, "As they served the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said ..." Acts 13:2. I understood that when I am ministering and want to be close to Him, I want to be led by the Holy Spirit, so I have to fast. I rejoice and cry at the same time, because I do not understand how He can love me so much. Today I fasted again, and an attack came to my mind by asking, "Why is everything evolving in this direction." Immediately, the answer came to my mind, "Because I am not finished with my work and transformation." I told Him that I did not want to be the one who answers such questions with learned phrases. I asked Him to confirm this through His Word, and when lunch time came I went to my room and randomly opened the Bible just where it says about Esther becoming queen, but first she had to go through a period of preparation.

Dear ladies, I will tell you that I did not enjoy as much of the content of the answer as of the fact that my Beloved is the living God. He loves us and wants to have a true relationship of great value with us, He wants to answer us, teach us, transform us, He wants to be close to us and give us everything that a perfect husband wants to give to his beautiful bride. His grace is new every day, He deserves all praise and honor \o/

~ Bernie in Slovakia
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