I was Monstrous to my Husband and my Children + A Blogger for a Wedding Site

Praise God for His answer to a specific prayer. Since my husband left me, I pray every day to restore my marriage and my family. it’s a very complicated story and one day I would testify about what the Lord has done for me, my marriage and my family. Today I will explain a situation that I would never have thought to be. Here, I have an inexplicable love for my husband and my children. So that love is rooted deep in my heart. Then one day, I wanted God to reveal to me why and how my marriage was not restored and there I informed the Lord to show me and I fast for 6 days. In all this time, I prayed day and night, and there I received that I am the problem in this situation I was going through and I would never have thought I was a contentious woman, proud, a  “know it all ” I always wanted to be right even when I was wrong as I never apologized. I was arrogant and many other things. The Lord showed me that I was monstrous to my husband and my children, that day, I was shattered. And since I do not want to be that woman. Loving the most important people, I made out that I really hurt my husband, my children and now I know I can be much more.

Today, I asked God for forgiveness, and also asked my children and my husband. My son forgave me and contacted me for my birthday. Since the last time,  I saw my husband (more than a year ago), we communicated briefly and I asked him for forgiveness. I know that God has control of everything.

God hears us and the Lord is more powerful than any other. Ladies remain in prayer, fasting, praise, and meditation. God does not abandon us. I also know that He will rebuild our marriages at the perfect time. Believe by faith and not by sight even if mine is not yet restored, the Lord says nothing (not a thing) is impossible. He is good, faithful, and love. Glory to God for all the blessings even minimal. Even the little things I give him thanks. Believe in everything. Our Father is always by our side May his name be blessed Eternally Almighty.

With all good and perfect Gift is from above. (Jacques 1:17)

The truth is that the Lord hear us and answer every prayer and all that in his time because he knows our hearts better anyone. The grace and the gift are gifts from God.

To humiliate and testing you to know that they were in thine heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.

(Deut 8: 2) KJV

Like I said, ask forgiveness and learn to forgive. confess our sins and especially to give everything to the Lord he knows our heart

Show an unconditional love of God’s love. (If you doubt, have doubts about your doubts and not the Lord)

Let your eyes look right on, and that thine eyelids look straight to you

(Proverbs.4: 25) KJV

~ Sylvia in France

A Blogger for a Wedding Site

I thank the Lord for using me to spread the truth!

At first, the Lord led me to a lady much older than me, to encourage him. But I have always seen myself so small, fragile. I could not believe my eyes.

Also, I was urged to come share and boost in the faith those who encountered marital difficulties on a Christian site where people posted their prayers.

And the greatest challenge to me was when the Holy Spirit made it my heart to share and show the testimonies of restoration to one of the pastors of my church (author of a book about celibacy, divorce, and remarriage). He thanked me and said that it strengthened him.

Currently, I am going (God willing) to help a blogger for a wedding site to help her connect pairs to encourage and empower each other. Thank You Lord because despite my weaknesses and my sins, although I still have so much to learn, you use me.


“You have been faithful in a few things, I will entrust you a lot” Matthew 25:23

~ Maeva in FRANCE

Here’s another PR from Maeva!

Really, I thank the Lord for my relationship with my in-laws !!!

Before the separation (that happened a year ago), I always ignored or saw my in-laws as people who have always twisted the truth (especially my mother-in-law)—seeing them as “fishermen”. Unlike my husband, I had never been involved with them, and I always made sure to dodge family meals with them.

Now I can say that I have very good relations with them, my God has done great things !!! What a change!!

For example, we spent Christmas together: my family, my in-laws (which was never the case before). And as far as my mother-in-law, we give each other gifts and special attention all the time, honestly, as soon as the opportunity arises. We even say “I love you” !!!! Ooo lalaaaah! Only God could do it !!!!!!!! It’s incredible !!!!!!! And I’m even invited with my son to sleep a week at their home very soon (God willing).

That’s not all He’s doing. My relationship with my little sister is also improved. Whereas before it was constant quarrels.

Right now, it’s the work with my own mother that’s going on but like everything else, it will happen.


“And all of it comes from God, who has reconciled us to him through Christ, and who has given us the ministry of reconciliation. For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses to men, and he put in us the word of reconciliation.” Romans 5: 6-8

~ Maéva in France