I was Sad with Dirty, Shameful and Humiliating Relationships!

I am so thankful for the courses, feeding me with words of wisdom because it is what I long for all my life. I learned so much from the many courses I’ve taken and my life has changed. Things like: How to keep myself radiant, how to behave and especially how to truly rest in the Lord.

May God bless each of you more and more, thank you RMI, for bringing hope. Me the sinner who was so horribly sad and seeing no way out of my problems. But as God opened a path where none existed, I believe that RMI arrived in this life, in my life, because God knew how much change and restoration I needed in my life.

I was never married or friendly with anyone, but I was sad with dirty, shameful and humiliating relationships! I was without self-worth, but now I have no boyfriend, and by the grace of God I do not want another in my life— I only long for my beloved HH.

Thank You Lord for giving me hope, for helping me find this site, my new church without walls that I felt everywhere else. Thank you for helping me let my church go, thanks to helping me overcome so many difficulties and humiliations I’ve endured for years. I believe that the wind is passing through this ministry and it will bring peace and prosperity. Amen!!

Dear friend, focus on your journey, nothing else matters than spending time learning how to be a beloved bride.

~ Sandra