In Fear, In Pain, in Despondency, but All Without Impossibility!!

Princesses of the Lord our Bridegroom,

I feel that we have been chosen and gifted by Our Beloved HH, because we have the privilege of learning with so much love and care. Each of you is proof of God’s care, and through this journey, each of us has been taught to know what a wonderful relationship we can have with Him as His bride! Where else would we find this? Who before RMI has shown us this truth?

I want to thank My Beloved for each one of you, for being instruments of the Lord, and making a difference in our lives. By giving free courses and ongoing encouragement through your blog.

May His Love pour upon each of you in a supernatural portion, tremendous blessings in the name of the LORD.

Brides, you must believe that the fruits that are being produced by each of you are a testimony to the Glory of God. And what you must not hold onto but give to others. The feeling I have is Love, Joy, and Gratitude. My Beloved is Faithful.

I confess that before being led to this Ministry, I did not have a true relationship with the Lord, even though all my life I had been in church. Now after I coming to RMI Ministry, I understood for the first time what prevented me from being joyful. Before RMI I had lived each relationship with fights, pride and reversing values. Today, I enjoy reading my Bible and pouring over the book How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage. I do my Courses daily, Devotions daily, and this has led me to have a relationship with My Bridegroom and HH and others tell me I have an entirely new demeanor and attitude.

My Beloved, Thank You for the Love you feel for me. I am so grateful You guided me here, You are Beautiful and Surprise me every day with wonderful blessings. I love You and thank You for Your unconditional care and love for each of us.

Dear bride, You may think that all is lost and that nothing makes sense anymore. But He used this pain in all of us to draw us into His arms, even in fear, in pain, in despondency, but all without Impossibility!!

He can do all things and it was not without reason that He brought you here to read this at this moment. Let Him be God, discover His HH and the love that is endless. Right now, be quiet, just let everything He’s allowed to reshaped you and your life.  He will do, everything will fit, and one day everything will change. I also wanted to give up everything, I thought that I could find a better life. But, today, I know that nothing is impossible with Our Beloved. He will take care of your wounds, humiliations, failed efforts, if you open your life to having a relationship with the Lord, your New Husband and that’s when you will see everything being Transformed, including YOU. He is not a Man to lie to, nor a Son of man to repent.

Trust in God and just rest, Let go of everything, for He is all you need.

~ Renata

Restored While in Surgery