In Time of Great Need!!

It just amazes me how our HH can take a situation that doesn’t have the outcome we would like, but then turns it around and gives us something so much better!! I want to share how RMI wanted to send a blessing to a group of women to Venezuela. These women started tithing and in time of their great need, they put their faith in HIM to trust and be obedient to His word. They were sent an eBook Prison to Praise through Amazon. I followed up with an email to confirm they each had received the book, but they were unable to open it. Because of the language barrier, I ask one of our Spanish Volunteers, Anastasia, who is familiar with Amazon ESP to help them. Shortly after I got the bad news. It seemed this particular ebook was blocked and restricted because of issues with the author’s rights and it could not be opened in Venezuela. With that Anastasia told me the women were very appreciative for the thought and gesture and wanted to send a donation so they can give and receive more WW and RYM books as they have gotten in the past.

I was so sad because I know how much they wanted the ebook Prison to Praise, but also in awe how with the little they have (if you’ve seen what’s happening in Venezuela in the news), they want to GIVE so others can be fed through our ministry books. I mentioned to Anastasia how our HH made a way to start sending boxes of books to Venezuela again and that I was thinking of sending more ministry books!!

Then the next morning around 4:30 am, my HH brought to mind to just purchase the books Prison to Praise (I have Amazon Prime) and when I get them, send them in the box with the other books. When I sent Anastasia a message with the idea, she said she wanted to help with the cost, so I purchased 5 Prison to Praise . Then later that morning, I received a message from Yvonne that she felt in her heart to donate the devotional Hinds Feet on High Places. I was thrilled and I asked her to send me the link on Amazon to make sure I get the one she wanted for them. I clicked on it and then as I searched, I found the exact same book for half the price and instead of taking 2 weeks to arrive, I would get it in 2 days!! WOW, talk about receiving a double blessing and I bought 5. But that is not all, Then my HH touched my heart to purchase 5 books Me Obey? Him? (my EH ?), all 3 books are on our suggested reading list!!

Ladies, my heart was bursting!! Here we started with an ebook that was restricted and now we have 3 of us purchasing and donating 15 books that my HH showed me would be used in the small groups all around Venezuela and shared with MANY women!! He is truly blessing these women that are embracing the principle of Tithing and GIVING!!

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