Isn’t Our HH Amazingly Good?

Good morning Brides! I just wanted to share how awesome our HH is and how He keeps on blessing me (us) over and over again!

During my marriage, I accumulated a lot of debt that I have been faithfully and obediently paying off so that I won’t owe anything to anyone except to love them in Christ. One particular debt that I had been putting off paying is the last apartment we lived in during my marriage that I had to abandon the lease due to not being able to keep up with the living expenses once my EH left and moved back to the East Coast. In our marriage, I was left with the task of paying all the bills and my ex-EH did not.

After my divorce, I felt led by my Beloved to completely let go of my past and focus wholeheartedly on my incredibly loving relationship with my HH and pay the debt that I owed and had been avoiding paying for a couple of years now. So, when I received my income tax check I did just that. And to my surprise… the debt from a few years ago was cut in half by the collection company and the previous one I had with them was miraculously wiped off the books! So now that I’m looking to get another apartment for myself and my two youngest daughters, I won’t have past negative rental debt holding me back!… Isn’t our HH amazingly good? Not only did He put the desire in my heart to begin the process of looking for another apartment, even though I was rejected by the complex I really wanted to move to, but He wiped away the other debt due to my obedience…He is so wonderful!

Psalm 118:1v (CSB) Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His faithful love endures forever.

Now, I can focus on our future of having another place without the drama and misery that plagued my previous residences. I can look forward to Him rebuilding my life and the lives of my youngest daughters, with Him as our focus and Lord of our lives, unhindered. I have wanted that for so long and my Beloved has given me the desire of my heart and I am so thankful!.. 🙂

James 1:17v (CSB) Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Brides, don’t be afraid to trust God with all of your heart. No matter how He redeems and restores your lives, just know that He wants the best for You and will bless you in unexpected ways. When He does, don’t forget to be grateful and give Him all the praise because He is so good and His faithful love truly endures forever on our behalf…

~ Rita in Louisiana
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