Keep Peace in Your Life

The peace of the Lord to all, from São Paulo. When we each came to this ministry, it was our last hope, we shattered unwilling to continue our journey. Then we read the testimonies, started the courses, still weak, powerless and without perspective. Yet, as we continued reading and practiced what we learned, we begin to understand and learned to leave everything in the hands of the Lord. Before coming here, we spent little time studying the Word, reading our Bibles, or praying.

For those who continue, the time passes and then discover we are no longer alone on this journey, the Lord has really and truly come along with us. Through His Son, we begin to understand God more and even our restoration starts to be put in the background, no longer our focus. The word of God invades us, justifies us, purifies us and all that area in our lives begin to be restored.

Next, you get to be a blessing in your daily living and everyone begins to tell you they see the difference in you. Wherever you place the sole of his foot, there is really transformation happening.

Praise God for this ministry, glory to God for allowing us to come here; Glory to God for ourselves all being sinners and with horrible attitudes, yet God was merciful and gracious. Glory to God who sent His Son, our Lord, who is molding us in our desert. So dear friend, remain steady, hike to your promised land, for each promise that He gave you, He is eager to release to you!

Thank you for helping us each be trained and taught to live the new life He has for us and to know what is good, pleasing and perfect.



~ Evandro 

Thank you very much all who work with this restore ministry; it is very helpful. This ministry, the book (How God Can and Will Restore your Marriage), and the free online courses have been so helpful for me. This course has helped me restore myself to God. It has taught me to let God take care of everything, to lean only on Him, to remember that with God nothing is impossible, and to keep our faith and hope set in God alone. The principles taught in it (about keeping quiet and being humble plus gentle) are really helpful to keep peace in your life.

Any marriage in crisis should read this book; the principles in it are very worth putting in practice. They have helped me so far, so I’m sure they will help you too. God’s Word is powerful, and the RYM book is full of His Word to fill and guide us on this journey of restoring ourselves with our Heavenly Father.

My marriage situation at the beginning was from my sight hopeless. We weren’t talking, and if it wasn’t because of this book and the courses and the Bible, it would be worse. Now I feel that peace that only God can grant us, I’m doing what I’ve learned in the principles. And now my situation is different: we talk on a cooler basis, meaning now and then but kindly. We are not restored yet, but I’m sure through Jesus that we will soon be restored.

Thank You Lord for your blessings, for leading me to RYM to help me find myself in you, and for guiding me on this journey without ever letting me go. Thank You, Father for every single thing you have provided me. In Jesus name. 

~ Anivia in Nicaragua


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