LAL Tour Fruits “Wherever He leads” Inspiration to Travel with my  Disabled Child

Dear Brides, so many times I feel tired and discouraged from my situation and just feel like giving up on this journey. I let myself get overwhelmed by my situations, and forget just to ask our HH for His Love, Protection, and Guidance. I fail to feel and see Him next to me, although He is here all the time, quietly waiting for me to turn my eyes from my situation and look at Him.

But He stays faithful, and last week used a situation to gently remind me of His Love and Promises. I had been planning my holidays in my home country for a long time. My parents had set the date when I can come and visit them, and I was thinking, how to organize my visit to my twin sister. We have a very strained relationship, but our boys love each other. It was important for me that the cousins could meet. After a string of misunderstandings, unpleasant calls and messages, I just decided to book an Airbnb for my stay in the capital. And that is how my sweet Jesus intervened. I have honestly no idea what part of the capital my sister is leaving in. But when I went on the map, I was led to click on a particular place. The apartment was fine, big enough for me and my son, and the price was reasonable. I booked it. I then wrote to my sister, that we would be staying at this place for 4 days, and that she should feel free to contact us any time if she wanted to visit us. When she wrote back, she was a completely different person. The place I had booked was very close to her apartment, and she offered for our boys to have sleepovers during our stay. This could be only His doing. And I was not aware of it!

He also showed me the extent of His power a few days after. This holiday back in my country is going to be expensive because I will be driving there. I chose to have some liberty, feeling He could lead us on this journey. I got the idea after seeing the tour Tara and Sara are having in Europe, going wherever He leads them. And it lets us be flexible to adapt to the needs of my disabled child. I had planned on taking a few hotels on the long road trip, but then stay with my family to save some money. This Airbnb, though very cheap for 3 people, was still an unexpected expense. But He took care of it. Last week I received a cheque from the company who is managing our apartment building. I had paid more last year than I should. And the amount I received fully covered the Airbnb expense!

Our HH is amazing. He is so caring, and He only wants the best of us. So many times, I forget about it, and this was an incredible reminder. Thank you, my Love, for taking so great care of me. Thank you....

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,

your faithfulness to the skies.

Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,

your justice like the great deep.

You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!

People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

They feast on the abundance of your house;

you give them drink from your river of delights.

For with you is the fountain of life;

in your light we see light.

Psalms 36:5-9 NIV

~ Aimée 

~Aimée is one of our #LALTour Brides Sara  & Tara met in Slovakia and traveled to Vienna, Austria. See the pictures that were posted on Instagram