Laugh and Skip and Hop

I loved this Week 19 Living LessonsHe Leads Me: GPS” because it was so practical. I have read it before, last year, and again at some other time that I can't remember. I try to live by my HH leading and guiding me daily. This was just a wonderful reminder to me again to seek him in the little things and a reminder to ask Him to allow me to remember to share this with my kids when the opportunity arises. Remembering that our 1st ministry is at home.

More and more l realise how much l need my Love to be there and constantly close to me. I desire more and more intimacy with Him. This weeks “He Leads Me: GPSLiving Lesson is a great practical way to generate the intimacy l need with Him.

I used to struggle on and do the best that l could. I suppose that is settling for the mediocre when He has something so much better for me. Not just for me but for my kids too. I hope to share this lesson with more than my kids. To whomever, He brings into my life.

I will live out this principle by asking the Lord my Love to be my GPS to show me where to go and give me the directions that l need and asking Him to help me to remember the simple fact that He is there for me to SIMPLY ASK Him for his guidance whether it is somewhere l must go or something l must do. Also by practicing daily to ask Him to be with me today.

Let's pray! Thank You for this opportunity to pour out my heart to you again. You know how much l love writing and how pouring my heart to you in words is something l love doing. Thank you for what l read in today's lesson. I feel that by asking for your help and guidance will help me to overcome my struggles. Something so simple 🙂 Thank you so much for caring about me so much to show me what is hindering me from fully experiencing the plans and purposes you have for my life. Thank you for refining me and speaking to me and showing me how You take it step by step taking me higher and closer to your purpose and plan for my life.

I long to be closer and share a deeper intimacy with. I just want your love and joy to bubble over in my heart. I want it to fizz and pop and sing through my spirit 🙂 I want to laugh and skip and hop with You.

" Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5

I love this scripture. I always have. I love that He will make my paths straight. Not ME. Not I. There is nothing l can do to straighten out the crooked areas and paths in my life but when I take it to my Love He will!!

How exciting thank you for showing me this my awesome and wonderful HH! The love of my life. You are so wonderful for revealing to me this truth!

Dear Brides, He brought one particular woman into my life very recently to share hope with because l asked Him. She is fairly newly married and l would have thought happily... But she is struggling with her own fears within her marriage.

She was literally drinking in my testimony and what l shared about what l learned here. I merely wanted to show her the Wise Woman course but she literally sat herself down before my laptop and started watching the video while l took care of her 2-month-old baby. Also telling her about the RYM book she actually reminded me about borrowing her the book so I placed it into her baby bag.

My Love, what are your plans and purpose? You have brought this woman and another very new woman into my life to share with. Show me lead me and guide me as to what you want me to share with them. I would love to maybe do the WW course with them later moving to FAL. But hey you need to just show me how as these are 2 mothers with very small babies.

Brides there are many resources to share if you just open your computer, laptop or cellphone to show them. At first, it was hard for me to share due to my own insecurity and shame when l started my RJ. Now it is so natural.

You don't have to feel this way because so many out there including myself have been through the confusion hurt and pain of going through a separation, infidelity, divorce and that is why it is so necessary to share what we learn here so that we can ALL overcome because we are all Brides. Precious and beautiful and perfect to the Love of our lives our Groom our HH.

It is called Evangelism and l believe that we are all called to be Evangelists and this is basically sharing the HOPE that you received. Better yet there are so many resources here to share which could turn a life around from despair to hope. From sadness and hurt to joy and restoration!!

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