Laws to Justify..Defend Me

I have always struggled with letting go and always looking for a way on my own in books, advice from other people and sermons. However, I have never tried hard to really spend time with the Lord and be intimate with Him.

That’s when, dear Brides, I discovered this Chapter 6 “They Don’t Have It“. This chapter has taught me, again and again, the importance of seeking the true source of our happiness, answers to our problems and love that never goes away. I have always been looking for the wrong source to answer what is lacking in me and what I long for. The Lord is indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life. You need to read it because it will surprise you with so many revelations of how we can attain abundance through the True Source of answers to our problems. This chapter will remind you to still look to God for the answers simply because the world doesn’t have it.

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God” (Psalm 42:1). This verse reminds me of so many times that I long for answers to my emptiness and problems and I couldn’t find it because I have been looking for answers from other sources other than my Lord. The Lord is the source of answers to all problems and in all things that we lack.

Lately, I have been struggling with the rules and mandates from my boss and I have been in disobedience to him and defying his rules through email correspondence detailing all his faults. Then, the Lord touched my heart and I realized that those are just small stuff and I need to look to Him who can turn my boss’ heart and that my Lord is all I want, all I need and all I live for. And then, I just had peace and started to agree with my boss and most importantly I learned to call my Lord again every time I have a lack in my life.

This principle of going back to the true source who has all the answers and will recompense me a double portion is what I should put in my mind. I have always looked for answers and advice, rules and regulations and laws to justify me and defend me but I have never looked for the true source. Now, I need to remember and write in my heart that God shall supply all my needs and that the Lord will faithfully give me my recompense.

Pray with me: Lord, I know that You know how I have been longing to be intimate with you and how I long to have enough of You. I really need You in my life Lord and I need to establish spiritual discipline especially in my prayer life and in my time with You. Please Lord help me to overcome all the temptations that are pushing me away from you. Please remove all my temptations for food that make me struggle in making time with You because they are all I can think of. Help me to manage my time Lord in such a way that I can have more of You. Please Lord, rescue me from this pit of destruction.

Dear Brides: The world doesn’t have all the supply of what you need. Only God has. Therefore, you must always look for HIM and He will faithfully recompense you for all your lack.

This book has taught me so many lessons to look for answers to the True Source of answers despite all the authorities that may help me in my problem. You will discover in this book that all our problems no matter how hard are just small stuff compared to what God shall recompense you when you seek HIM.

~ Fidelma