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 ♕ Today's Promise: "He has made his people victorious, and given all his loyal followers reason to praise—the Israelites, the people who are close to him. Praise the LORD!" Psalm 148:14

☊ PR Podcast Emma

Dear Brides this chapter 5, Small as a Man’s Fist is an eye opener for us to value the small things our H.H gives us. Many times we are so caught in our despairs we lack vision of what wonders he has for us. Enjoy this lesson as I have, your days will not be the same.

I was taught that my faith should be stronger much more and not only that but it grows stronger with me being filled with the word. Their is no short cuts.

In always rejoicing on little things that my love gives me, i feel close to him. I am happy more content. I am always rejoicing in everything he give me, as simply as enjoying an exercise class i feel is a gift from him. The fact that my E.H picks up the girls to spend the weekend with him with out me suggesting it to him. oh thats my love looking after my girls; and so forth. What i will continue doing is being thankful to him and reading more of the word. so that i can be filled by his love to the point that I don't need no one or nothing.

I will continue to praise my lover for everything he provides not only with in and for me, but sharing it with others so that through me they question to the point of wanting what I have.

Am still struggling with my smoking. But slightly i feel like i can get through it. I am letting the ways of the world overtake me its a work in progress but still am not where i feel he is calling me to.

Let’s pray and leave our struggles with Him: My love i thank you every day for your many blessings you have given me. You are always with me, I have no doubt about that. Help me and guide me to be more like you to forgive and forget what i feel is done to me. I know its nothing but a way to cleanse me for a wonderful transformation that you are making in me. Even though it might hurt keep them coming so that i can be on the other side.

Dear Brides here is another answered prayers from God. Here in Living the Abundant Life you will learn to see the many blessings your H.H has for you that is every day.

Dear reader be prepared to live and feel fantastic. He has already given you many gifts and its time you take them as they come in abundance. Here you will learn just that how to be able to recognize them immediately.

“In this you greatly rejoice, even though for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold (which is perishable) even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise, glory and honor” (1 Peter 1:6–7).

This is a powerful promise for me because it is a reminder that every time I go through a trial its all for the better; yes i must accept it as how it comes even though it might hurt but the end result will always be in rejoice in him, because only he sees me through.

~ Emma in Sedona
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