Longing in my Soul

Dear Brides, Chapter 7 “Longing For Whom?” God is the lover of our souls. Only He can satisfy us. No man can ever make us feel whole.

Doubt has been making me fear. I don’t feel secure in my restored marriage. The OW surfaced again and is harassing & threatening our family. We didn’t hear from her in months. Two days before my husband was released from jail, messages came through. The OW used a different number. We blocked all the numbers she contacted us from. I need to take each thought captive & hang to Jesus’ garment. I need to recognize the schemes of the devil. I need to read my Bible every day & not just cry out to God.

Isaiah 54:6-8 “For the Lord has called you, Like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit, Even like a wife of one’s youth when she is rejected,” Says your God. “For a brief moment I forsook you, But with great compassion, I will gather you. “In an [b]outburst of anger I hid My face from you for a moment, But with everlasting lovingkindness, I will have compassion on you,” Says the Lord your Redeemer.”

God has always been waiting for me to spend more time with Him. God is the only one who can satisfy the longing in my soul. God alone will supply my needs. I thought my EH would fill my heart. I’ve been feeling lonely even when my EH is at home.

When I spend time in the Word & listen to praise music, I have more inner peace & the loneliness isn’t there. Reading my 3×5 cards more will keep me focused on Jesus. I will read Psalms and Proverbs every day. I will read my 3×5 cards every day. I won’t fret or worry about the trials my EH is going through. I will let God work in my EH life. I will rest in Jesus & stay focused on Him,

Let’s pray and give it ALL to Him: Lord, give me the security I need to rest in you. Help me recognize the devil’s tricks. Bring light into my EH darkness. Bless the OW. I pray OW finds Jesus & turns her life over to the Lord. I pray a hedge of thorns around OW, my EH and myself. Lead me in what to say & what to do. Work through me to show your love. Keep doubt far from me. Help me feel your embrace.

Dear Brides, don’t be afraid. Trust the One who created you. He alone knows what you need. He will love you & take care if you. What better person to care for you than the One who made you in His image.

God longs to be close to you. The author in this book speaks intimately about how God is moving in her life. God will move in your life too. God will love you & encourage you if you only let Him.

~ Cassandra in Arkansas

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