Look What the Lord has Done in Venezuela!!

In our July Partner Newsletter, we gave them an exciting update on our Pearls of Grace ministry in Venezuela, which as you may remember is a branch of RBG.

Here is the update from our Spanish Minister, Lota:

Well ladies, I have an update. The small groups in Venezuela went from 5 to 9 groups! So I was able to get the additional books I needed to give one to each leader. Also, Vero will be sending each one of them has Bibles (seems to be very difficult to find there) including about another 20 of RYM books and 20 of WW workbooks in Spanish! Now these are just books.

Next week, a friend of a member from Venezuela that is here visiting in the USA and I, will be purchasing the food, medicine and hygiene products for 30 women and families. Vero, RBG, has made a very detailed list of items, quantities and where to purchase them. Since the shipping company is here in Miami, we will be packing up everything in boxes and sending it to Venezuela (two different cities, then to be distributed to the women).

As an added bonus, I asked Vero to make a list of the children with their sex and age (3 months - 16 yrs old) and I sent a message to friends and family if they would like to donate new clothing. I will be picking up donations Tuesday! This has been weeks of preparations but HE is guiding us and all is falling into place!!

RMI, we are all so grateful for your donation in making this possible. The women are just in awe how so many women, not from Venezuela, are willing to be so generous and give to them. I can't wait to get new pictures and videos of the families.

RMI also gave us more exciting news when we heard: "EB’s tithe is going to send paperback RYM books to women in Argentina! Very excited to see the fruits that will come from sowing these!!"

So for Argentina, I would be the one purchasing the books and sending them from here, Miami. We do have a contact in Argentina and offered to send the books out within the country.

Also, based on our past tithes, this is a lot of money, a lot of books to purchase, so we want to be clear (to you and when we post WHERE WE INVEST that it's to Argentina and also other Latin Speaking Countries if there is money left from purchasing the books for the women in Argentina!!

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