Love Him Unconditionally

♕ Today's Promise: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

☊ PR Podcast Anastasia

After my husband returned home about a year ago, we went through a new separation –the second– since he sent me to cover his possible job in another city and then when it seemed that that period was ending, and we would be together again a new job proposal arose to which my husband asked me to decide if we would take it or not, when I asked my Beloved he told me that we should accept it, this meant that we should go to another country where it would finally be outside the city where OW (other women) resides. In effect, my husband accepted this proposal and moved to another country, so we hoped that he would complete the time necessary to apply for my residence visa for family unification.

Again when the time was up, a new complication arose, this time because of the Covid they closed the airport in Colombia and it was not possible for me to travel, at first I felt frustrated because I knew that He did not want me to travel, but now I can look back and see the purpose of the wait. Many times we despair during the wait, but in reality, it is a necessary time for our hearts to be transformed, and we are prepared to receive our miracle.

At the beginning of that separation we had problems, in fact, my husband asked me for divorce again because he said that he did not feel "magic" between us, and when I SG (seek God) out of wisdom He always told me the same thing "Love him unconditionally" I could understand that I had not yet fully forgiven, I had resentment and a certain victim position that prevented me from giving him the love he needed. My beloved had the best plan of all! He separated us again, so I could have that extra time of healing in my heart alone with Him, yes, I had to give up pride and surrender to Him, give love when my husband was rough and just sow in that barren land without waiting nor receive anything in return, oh ... but His words are true!! “And the sweetness of words increases persuasion" Prov. 16:21 After a time of praying and surrendering it to Him, my Beloved changed my heart from my EH (earthly husband) towards me and it was then that I began to see that it was no longer difficult for me to give love, it just flowed from me because He gave it to me.

Soon I began to release the restoration because I understood that it was already done, it was already restored, and I was so happy and comfortable with only Him that I stopped feeling the need to receive love from my earthly husband, I was simply open to give, but not waiting for his love, it was then that I began to fear to live with him again, I did not want to walk on eggshells again, I did not want that feeling of wanting to "maintain" my restoration, I did not want to feel the oppression of having my husband at home when he was still tied to sin, and I remember my prayer back then "Love, bring him when he's changed"…

I can only praise my God to tears, for the joy and happiness with which he has flooded my heart, for the change he made in me because once I was reunited with my husband again all those feelings disappeared, and we as a couple we are different, I can say that it is like a new beginning, as if this crisis had never happened, as He promised in Isaiah 43:19 and Ezekiel 36:34-35.

I have been bathed in His blessings, the way He makes me feel loved through my husband, because now I know it very well, all the good that I receive comes from Him, He alone is my source of love and happiness. I praise and cry just thinking of all His love and mercy for me as He rescued me and gave me double for all my sins.

I just can't shut up, beautiful, this is true, His word is true, He keeps His promises!! And I want to shout it out to the whole world, surrender to Him, but don't give up on your restoration process because the time to harvest will come and it will be as sweet as honey!

~ Anastasia in Colombia
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