Mighty Miracles… Left People so Shocked Around Me

Dear Brides: If you really want to see miracles and wonders in your lives you need to read this Chapter 4 “When Do I Give Up?” that teaches us how to surrender our lives to Him, the one who has the power to do so much more than what we ask … Our Lord, our beloved.

“Now glory be to God, who with his mighty power at work within us can do much more than ever dare to ask or even dream: infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts or hopes” (Eph 3: 20)

My beloved has taught me to trust Him in every aspect of my life, there is nothing you do not trust him, my health, my home, my doubts or fears, my finances and any adverse situation to bad dreams, all my charges handed them to him. Previously I wanted to solve in my strength, but with the passing of time I looked to my Heavenly Husband, I learned to let him solve all that needed solving, and now upon awakening or at bedtime will give everything that is a burden, and he makes everything light. My HH is so beautiful, that a word from him is enough to comfort my soul and let me know that everything is going better with him!!

At the beginning of my restoration journey I fought hard to give my burdens to the Lord, for my faith was not quite strong, often the doubts came into me and made me decline to give it to the one who can solve everything, however I learned today, that even a super-difficult situation I have to give to my beloved and blindly believe but see nothing, let him do miracles, because I’ve seen so many miracles in my life, and they were made because I allowed my faith to grow in the not seeing. and this is how my beloved works … His love is wonderful and expresses an incredible and amazing way.

Every day my beloved guides me to direct my testimony with different people in different situations, and I am surprised as he leads me to where I go and what I say. And I’ve learned to live by the principle of Faith! And his word says faith without works is dead. And walk in faith and works, for that is what pleases my beloved. Walk in faith without doubt is to do something trusting that the Lord will cover me, keeping obedient to his word, and waiting patiently for his work, and sharing with others what we have received (miracles), and encouraging others to trust in the Lord, and guide them to pray and depend on him, so that their faith will grow as well.

My dear HH: I apologize because I justify myself that I have been ill, I have not been constant at dawn looking for you, and ask you for forgiveness because I was distracted with useless things and walked away from you. I love you and I just want to be with you and share my life with you, forgive me if I set you aside many times. Especially when I was very scared for my illness I thought for a moment that you had left me … because I spent so many bad days … that I felt that way. I always thank you, my beloved, because you showed me at precise moments when my faith was about to give up and talked to me with so much love and you filled these gaps and took my hands to keep me walking with you. I LOVE YOU!!

My beautiful Love! Today I want to thank you for all the things that had to happen (like what happened to Job) because of all these experiences I was made strong with your great love, you gave me words of encouragement to cheer and physically get up like you did today, miraculously I gained weight in less than 2 months gaining almost all the 10 kilos I lost and you removed all the disease of my body, all the pains ceased (until the pain of osteoarthritis), is wonderful as you can do these mighty miracles and many other miracles that have left people so shocked around me!

I thank you that you have allowed me to be a testament to your immense love. And every place I go, I talk about you. You are part of me and everything I do is to please you. My love Thank you for loving me and look after me. My life is yours and women longing to be much according to your heart. Each passing day I ask you to give me the wisdom to bring more broken hearts to your ways. I LOVE YOU with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and all my strength. You are my Everything!!!

Dear Brides, in this Chapter 4 “When Do I Give Up?” we will learn how His love encourages and strengthens us to walk in his Word, and to believe that he is able to do much, much more than what we want, each chapter is a message from our beloved, who guides us to follow it!

These fellowship resources are powerful guidance from the Lord and that anyone who not only read it but lives applying in your life every principle that teaches us the word of life that gives us our beloved, you get wonderful and powerful results in your life! I am a witness. The road is difficult but is written I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me !!! …

~ Ziva in Peru

Matthew 11:30 “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Live the Abundant Life by first Finding the Abundant Life and experience His love!!