Mixed the Precious and the Worthless

Dear Brides,

We are living in a world full of deception. We are deceived from the very first day of our birth. We, women, are deceived the most. Satan knew from the beginning that it was easier to fool us and he has not stopped his work.

Each of us who came to this Ministry has a testimony of blessings she had lost due to ignorance or pure rebellion. Most of us came to this Ministry completely broken. I was totally broken. I used to think life was a constant fight. But I remembered God was almighty, that nothing was impossible to Him and that’s how He led here. That’s how He taught me so many things I ignored or have neglected.

“Therefore, thus says the Lord, If you return, then I will restore you – Before Me you will stand; and if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman. They for their part may turn to you, but as for you, you must not turn to them.” Jer. 15:19.

This scripture is so meaningful to me because it shows how much God loves us. No matter what man does, no matter how much we sin we can always count on God’s mercy. He may punish and humble us in His faithfulness, but He always leaves His door opened. His arms are always wide opened, God longs to welcome all His prodigal Kids.

I am a prodigal daughter. I have wasted and I am still wasting my Father’s most precious gift: my heart.

Prov. 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

First I have filled the void in my heart with foolish things. I did so out of ignorance. Even now that I am reading all these books it’s difficult to change my old ways. It’s so difficult to extract the precious from the worthless, it’s difficult to prevent more evil things to enter my heart.

I remember very well how I felt Jesus when I attained that point where my heart was filled by His unique presence. I was so happy, I know that was Abundant Life. At that time I felt rejected, despised, I had nothing, so I stuck desperately on Him. And HE healed Me, He filled the emptiness in my heart. I didn’t need anybody but Him, I did not care about what I did not have.

I miss that time the Lord, I miss You. To be honest, because I can not lie to You I miss what that intimacy brought to me: Joy and peace beyond understanding.

I can say many stupid things. And I know that the devil is playing with my mind, with my thoughts. I started a new course because Your spirit reminded me that I could never be happy as long as I don’t entirely depend on You. You reminded me that I could never be happy if I don’t really walk out the principle of making You first in my life. I will never be happy If I don’t walk out all the principles I profess; I will not be happy if I don’t truly surrender my life to You.

You spoke to my heart because You knew it was necessary. I can feel it myself, Lord. You are restoring me. You restored my finances, important relationships, You are working in the lives of my relatives but my life is more miserable than it was some months ago because I am now focused on what I have and see. So I have started struggling again, I want to control my life and those of my brothers and my father.

I have mixed the precious and the worthless again and I am getting confused.

Yes, we are surrounded by evil, we will always have trials and tribulations, winds will hit against our houses but we were not designed by God to carry those burdens. God created us to enjoy the most of the life He has given us and not to endure it. His precious son, Jesus, came and died on the cross to give us “The Abundant Life”.

Why not have an exhibit our faith in Jesus and let Him take care of us? Besides He knows far better than ourselves what is good for us. Let each of us focus on being His precious wife with the gentle and quiet spirit He cherishes so much! Let each of us trust our Heavenly Husband who has everything under control. Let each of us honor our Husband by accepting and enjoying The precious gift He longs to offer us: The Abundant Life! May God bless us!

A very popular expression in the world says that perfection is unattainable in this life.Michele in this book shows how possible it is to live a perfect life – through the Abundant Life Jesus offered to us.

~  Eliza in Cameroon

Eliza is on our Translation Team helping us in French.