My Beloved Became My Provider

♕ Today's Promise: “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion...In my faithfulness I will reward my people” Isaiah 61:7–8

☊ PR Podcast Petra

Hello dears, 3 things before hearing my PR (Praise Report):

- I was a control freak, EH (earthly husband), Finances, life, etc

- Ever since I graduated, I have always gotten very good jobs and salaries. I have never longed for material things but yet I appreciated never having to count before buying something we need. Since my journey started, I am out a job, and my EH too. I have never been so broken financially.

- I own a service company that I left aside at the beginning of my journey, but a few weeks ago HE convicted me of getting back on track but to let HIM take the lead.

That being said, you have to know that I feel a peace that is beyond anything I can understand. I feel like my SweetHeart is telling me “Trust, rely, seek and ask me!”

Lately, I have been diving into the Finding the Abundant life book. I was so in awe of this intimacy between Michele and her HH (Heavenly Husband). I started telling the Lord that HE was all I need and all I want. When reading the chapter « They don’t have it », the Lord renewed my mind.

This morning when I woke up, I said « SweetHeart, it is so cold outside I would love you to provide a hat and a warmer scarf for my baby. Also, tomorrow is December 1st, I would love it if you could provide an Advent Calendar for her. This month will be rough because the account is overdrawn, and even with the unemployment fees, after tithing and giving, nothing will be left. Yet, I will tithe and give faithfully because you are all I need. »

I love doing my house cleaning on Monday morning, so this morning, I put on some sermons in my earphones, and started my cleaning routine.

Suddenly, my earphones stopped working, so I went to check what was wrong with my phone. I immediately received an email from the government (I never read them). I was about to delete it, but my fingers slipped, and I opened it, thus I read it. It was about some government help for small companies that were impacted by the lockdown situation in October and November. My HH led me to fill the online help request. Each company could get about a thousands euros per month impacted (based on their annual result). I stopped taking care of my company at the beginning of my journey, it is an understatement to say that my annual result was really low. Yet, I noticed that I could request this help from August. It would have been August, September, October and November.

The person I got on the phone with, told me that I am « lucky » because today was the last day to request the August help ! She also said she is not sure my company can have any help at all (based on my low results). She asked me to send my request along with an email explaining what I do. Once done, I praised the Lord and told HIM that whatever comes out, I love HIM and love HIS ways. All I Need is HIM. Yet, I knew I would have a PR to write.

Now, remember that this is a government financial service, which means that they are buried under thousands of requests and that it could take weeks before they reply to me. Well, around 6 pm (after work hours !?!), a lady called me saying I made a mistake on my form. I am entitled to the help, but instead of being thousands of euros, it would be a few hundreds. She said, that I will receive thousands but I will have to refund the money and keep only the hundreds I am entitled to. I thanked her kindly, and told my Love He was amazing. Instantly the lady called back. She said that she could see I did not request anything from March to July. I was puzzled and told her I did not know I was entitled to anything. She said « it is too late to request it now. So keep the thousands of euros on behalf of these months and do now your online request for September October and November. » !

I was speechless. Our HH is faithful and amazing.

I do not seek HIM for money or favours, but because I love HIM. But as HIS bride, He is pampering me and taking care of me. PTL

~ Petra in France
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