My EH was Upset

I want to share His faithfulness even when our flesh wants to do our own thing, we must trust and obey HIM! So a week had past and my mom was finally released from the hospital, which I shared in my first praise report and a second praise report). My older brother said he would take her to his house for the weekend since she was still very weak and cannot be left alone. Although my brothers and I (we are 3 siblings) have been trying to all help out. I have taken most of the responsibility and my EH has been ok with it, but sometimes I hear some hesitance in his voice when I ask if I can take time off from our business or not go home in order to stay with her. It has not been easy, but he has in his own way given me his blessing. My mom and EH relationship was restored years ago when at a time, they could not even stand each other. Another testimony that He can restore any heart.

So my EH asked me about the plan for the weekend and I shared that my brother would be staying with her, (she was released on Friday). On Saturday we woke up and started doing things around the house. I was able to go to the gym, food shop and started doing some laundry. I got a call from my mom asking when I was going to go visit her that she needed me, that I was who can give her peace and care for her. I, of course, melted and wanted to run. My HH spoke to me to let go and let Him lead as to not wanting her to become dependent on any ONE person. So I simply said that she was very well taken care of and that she could not depend on me for peace, but Him alone and to seek Him. I also shared that we all had to share her and she should feel loved by so many who want to care for her.

Well, although I simply said I would try to come by later, I wasn’t sure what I would do since there was some tension with my EH and me because of my time away from home. My EH said he was going to go outside to do some yard work and I asked if it would be ok to go see my mom, and then it was like a bomb exploded. I know I had prayed if I should go or not, but it was my flesh just wanting to be there to rescue my mom. She has always been there for me and I didn’t want to disappoint her. Well, my EH was upset mostly because he said if she is already being taken care of, why do I have to go and felt I was taken advantage of. I simply stayed quiet as he was very upset and spoke his mind. I held back my tears and just agreed and apologized and said I would not go. I didn’t say anything else and when he went outside. I cried out to my LOVE, first asking for forgiveness if I acted upon my flesh, then asking HIM to take care of my mom and touch her heart to be content where and with who she was with. I wanted to call my brother telling him what had happened but my HH said no. Then my brother called me letting me know my mom was asking for me and I said that I was sorry but that I could not go.

I can’t deny, I broke down on the phone and he told me not to worry that he completely understood and not to worry that he will handle it. After my time with HIM, I put on some sunglasses, took my laptop and went outside to the patio where my EH was working. I surrendered to my HH and trusting that if this happened I must trust His ways are higher than mine and started doing some ministry work. I offered my EH something to drink and we were able to converse not bring up the subject again.

About an hour later my brother called and said that she had not mentioned me again and was with some friends that came to visit!


Towards the end of the day, close to 8 pm, I was helping my EH with his outside project and he said he needed to purchase something from Home Depot to finish. He looked at me and said that if I wanted we can go do the purchase and then after that go visit my mom!! WHAT??? My heart jumped in the inside and I agreed. My LOVE made a way and we went to visit her!! She was so happy and so was I.

"The king’s heart is a waterway in the hand of the LORD; He directs it where He pleases. All a man’s ways seem right to him, but the LORD weighs the heart." Proverbs 21:1-2

Restored after going THROUGH the Fire!
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