My Entire Being has Changed!

Praise Reports From our Encouraging Men:

I praise and thank the Lord that He has transformed me, changed me, washed me of so many iniquities that I have lived with for so long. Before I came here and started the courses, I was not aware that I should stop and think before doing something wrong, before I hurt someone or even before complaining about something. I simply did not care about the result or realize what I did was a consequence I would later suffer for doing.

But the Lord had mercy on me and has led me to the desert, He has disciplined and transformed my life. Once I was an arrogant, selfish person who only thought about himself and to satisfy only my own desire. I had to get to the bottom, lose my most precious gift of all (my family) to understand that life is made of good feelings, love and especially the Word and the Fear of God.

Today I see that we have to be grateful for this discipline. We should glorify the Lord for He is building a new house on the Rock, He is casting a new valiant servant for Him that will help restore many lives, many marriages and bring the Word of the Lord to all who need to hear it.

The Lord’s work is extensive and thorough, although it seems hard and difficult. Don’t give up, wait, and rest in the Lord and believe that although the circumstances seem impossible, God is always in control.

“Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean, wash me and I shall be whiter than snow” Psalm 51: 7

The Lord has shown me my sins (those I had no idea they were sins) and has washed me and got rid of them all, Amen.

~ Daniel 

ALSO from Daniel:

Much Closer to Restoration!

I’m very late submitting this praise report but am excited to let you know that the work of the Lord manifested in a wonderful way in my life and in our family!!

This Sunday I was awakened early by a noise like a phone, I realized it was the intercom of our apartment. It was my wife asking if she could come up to see us. More than quickly I told her that Yes, she could come up, and ran to change from my old clothes that I was sleeping in. My wife came in and immediately asked for our daughter who was still asleep, and then she went to our bed and lay down to kiss our little 7-year old and stayed there for a few minutes. That’s when I felt led and invited her to have coffee with us together and she accepted. We all sat together at the table as in the old days, but this time with love like we hadn’t had before.

We all held hands and prayed to the Lord, thanking Him for that wonderful moment He’d given to all of us. Then she wanted to leave after her coffee but our children asked her to make them a special lunch, and what a surprise when she accepted!!!!!

I took the list and left to buy what she asked to cook us for lunch. When I returned she was sitting on the corner on the couch watching TV with our children. I loved seeing that scene, it looked like I was still dreaming, seeing my beloved wife at home after months of her being away since she left us.

At lunch, we prayed again before eating and then spent all afternoon watching movies—all together. In the evening she said she needed to go, which left the children upset, yet they convince her to have another snack before she left. After the children were in bed, I went down with her to the garage of the building to accompany her to the car so she was safe.

I am ashamed that sometimes I still have so little faith.

My wife told me she was no longer in the relationship with the other man she was involved with. She told me “she fought with him every day and he did not like her,” she said, “he even tried to like me but said he could not.” She said, “she would never go out anywhere with him, or have fun with him and she never had peace when she was with him.” She said she is still not ready to come home, but realized that she needed to pray and has sought God’s Word to understand everything she has gone through.

As I said, I am ashamed and repent to God because I was ignorant to what was really going on. I was sure that they lived swimmingly together, while the reality was not at all happening and nothing was going well. I realized that God (at all times) has been nudging her and has shown her the right thing to do and I see how He has really erected a wall of thorns around her (I’ve prayed for this 3 times a day since she left).

Even though we are not together yet, I see God working—where I thought there was no hope.

As for me, rather than lower my guard and think that the war is won, I will intensify my quest for more of Him, and in my prayers, I will have more faith that He is faithful.

In addition, I will be ever more gentle and loving with my beloved wife so that soon my biggest dream will come true. I praise and glorify the Lord that in no time He had not forsaken me and instead showed me by her own mouth, how much God has shown her to do the right thing and inclined her heart to return to our home.

God be praised and glorified at all times!!

I hope to soon be able to send a report telling that the only woman I have ever loved in my life has come home and we’ll be together forever, Amen.

“Behold, will hedge your way with thorns and raise one hedge wall, that she shall not find her paths. It will behind her lovers, but not overtake them; and will seek them but not find them. You will say, Go I will and I will make my first husband, for then it was better with me than now. Therefore, behold, I will allure her, bring her into the desert and speak tenderly to her. And your mouth will remove the names of the Baals. And the Lord said unto me, Go again, love a woman even adulterous” Based on Hosea 2:03

~ Daniel

I praise You Lord for Your greatness and majesty. The proof that everything in God IS possible, and also that the Word of God IS changing me just as your books and courses say.

After I found a brother in Christ to help me have a place to where I’m now living; this brother invited me to go to church with him. It gave me the opportunity to hear and contemplate the greatness of the Lord when I received, for the first time, wanting to get closer to Jesus. I walked away from Him years ago.

So it was possible that my journey is because now I understand how the Lord is disciplining me. I accepted the decision as from God. As the word saying, “In all things, give thanks for this and the will of the Lord.” Now I have full confidence in God to finish changing me so I can be restored to my wife.

“I must be guided By God.” Exodus 3:21, Gen 39:21 

When we are guided by God, we ultimately reach supernatural victories, also joy and supernatural joy, lastly restoration and the favor of God to do this on our behalf.

~ Miguel in South Africa

Already from taking this course, I’m learning that I have to let go, which is difficult. But in the name of the Lord Jesus and through His strength, I’m doing it because before learning what the problems (that led to our problems) everything I say to her would create an argument. Trying to fix things really seems to even further worsen our situation. Now learning these truths, I see how I was foolish in my marriage, just prioritizing things I liked to do and did not even ask her what she thought or let her go out alone for birthdays etc.

Last week she filed for divorce, but I prayed to God rather than talk to her and that’s when the lawyer said he does not want to participate—so now it is all in God’s hands. It’s in His hands and let Him do His will.

“For the Lord seeth not as man sees, for man sees what is before our eyes, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16: 7.


It was by the grace of God I that came to your site. For this, I give praise to God who wants us to see well.

This is the best course I’ve found based on truthful scriptures, simple to understand and well formulated to help everyone as we each suffer from the enemy’s attack on our lives.

The course changed my entire being. I learned to go to Him, and I learned to practice unconditional love. Now I know the factors and reasons that are the basis of many problems in my home. And throughout it makes it clear the key is that we always need to put God first.

My life was a person who thought that all was well in my home while my wife suffered emotionally, and I did not understand how blind I was to this. Instead of leading my family, I was giving space for evil to reign—allowing my wife to feel humiliated in front of many people, but it all happened unconsciously or complete ignorance on my part.

I had never known what an injured woman will do to find what she needs. The day wife told me that there was another man, I was devastated. And then I sought the face of the Lord and in searching I came to this site that has shown me how to follow the Lord God, going the long but sure way to find peace!!

Thank You, my God, for the grace and mercy You have given me, and forgiving me of my sins. Praise be given to Your name by allowing ministries like this one that uses technology so desperate people like me can be redeemed— their sheep—and save marriages that the devil has destroyed.

Many thanks to this team that serves the Lord with as much zeal and dedication that can produce what was offered to me.

~ Miguel in South Africa