My Honeymoon with my Bridegroom

Hello Brides, I want to thank my Beloved for His amazing grace and unfailing love. It is a wonderful Journey that I’m walking with Him. There are ups and downs, struggles, blessings, prayers answered, and every day I want more of Him.

This is a PR is also my thank You to Him. This month completed a year of the Living the Abundant Life Tour. This Tour was one of the most unexpected, amazing things that He did in my life, after so much destruction and loss.

I still remember the day before meeting Tara, that I was writing a PR (Praise Report) about my excitement for the travels and to meet her, I remember the day, the feelings and so much uncertainty. But I left it all behind me, and decided to follow Him, it was my honeymoon with my Bridegroom, I was treated as a Bride, so cherished and loved. There aren’t words to express how amazingly He acted in my life in the last year.

He led us to beautiful places, and I learned so more about Him, and how to live the abundant life that He gave me. To rely on Him, to seek in first, to talk with Him all the time, not just a prayer, but as He is beside me, asking about my daily routine, what He wants us to do, it’s a relationship that I longed so much, and that now I have, but I still want more.

The Abundant Life doesn’t mean a perfect life. No, we have a lot of struggles, hardships, but He is always there, He is fighting my battles, He shows me what to do, where to go, and when to talk. I am not a very patient person, and sometimes, He makes me wait so much, to a point it’s unbearable. But He never leaves me, nor forsake me, He gives me the grace to wait for Him and during that time, He is wooing me to get closer, to trust on Him, sometimes there is a change that He will make in me or even in others around me. He gives much more than I ask Him, more than I can even imagine.

When I begin the LALTour, I had no idea what would happen in my life after it was done, but He knew. When It was unbearable to wait, He took me around Europe, with my dearest friend Tara, and showed me His love. And I saw in front of my eyes He restored so many things in my life and gave me so many blessings.

So today, I want to encourage you Brides, to leave it all behind, do not look back and seek Him with all your heart, ask for more of Him, and open the door of your heart to Him. He will give you the desires of your heart. The more time you spend with Him, the more your mind will be renewed. And if you’re in a long waiting season like me, enjoy and rejoice. Enjoy each moment in His arms, enjoy His word and His unbreakable promises, Enjoy who He is. Nothing escapes His control, He knows what you need. Take heart beautiful Bride!! He is everything that you need!

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