My Insides Felt Cold, but My Exterior Remained Calm

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♕ Today's Promise: "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

~ Yvonne in South Africa

☊ PRAISE from Yvonne

Wow, how do I start the praise ...

For you to understand how great the Lord is, even though you already know it, I have to go back a little bit. Please come along 🙂

A few years ago, a friend and I prayed that I would work from home and that I would teach the children at home. It was the desire of my heart, but I prayed with her that day and gave it to the Lord.

Years later I got the opportunity to work from home and with the epidemic, I started homeschooling my children. The Lord is fantastic, isn't He?

Last week the kids were with their dad on vacation for a week and I had the most wonderful week with my Heavenly Husband. It was a week of peace and just enjoying our time together. When Friday came I knew there was going to be a possibility for my ex-husband to call me, I asked the Lord, just not today, please. I still want to enjoy a last day with just You and me. And he did not call that day! When he called me the next day, he says, he tried to call me on Friday, but could not get a hold of me. Hahahaha, how faithful is my Heavenly Husband?

When the kids came back on Monday because I spent so much time with the Lord, I knew something was on the way, I did not know what, but something. On Monday morning, my FH (former husband) told me he was thinking that our son might have to go to high school next year. My insides felt cold, but my exterior remained calm, for immediately the Lord told me that He would complete the good work He had begun. My FH let me know that he would arrange a meeting with me this week to discuss this.

All week my mind tried to wander back and forth thinking what I would say to him and every time I would catch myself and lay it all down again. Surrender and trust.

On Friday morning he calls me so that we can talk about homeschooling and as faithful as the Lord has always been, He just placed the right words in my mouth. My FH (former husband) was a detective and so works on facts and evidence and I could give him all the facts and evidence but at the same time admit that I am not a professional teacher and no, maybe I do not have the experience to teach my son.

The story is much longer than that, but I just have to tell you one piece so you can understand that none of it was me, because I could not do it in my power. I asked where it came from, because we had already decided it was a permanent arrangement. Someone he knows is a high school teacher and she said she does not think I have the experience to teach my son.

My first reaction would have been, "What has this got to do with her? She does not know me!", But the Lord's response was, "I can understand why she feels that way, it makes sense that she would be worried." Hahaha, I took the wind out of his sails and he listened to me while I laid all my facts on the table. When I would have said what I wanted to say, it would have become an argument. Again, only His goodness and faithfulness!!!

Come Monday, when I asked him if he had thought about what we discussed. Yes, he has and he thinks we can continue with the homeschooling until grade 9! What!!!

And that, of course, is not all, with Him there is always more!

Should the children struggle with mathematics, they can bring their books with them on a weekend and then he will help them as well.

The Lord is so wonderful, I have no words for how faithful He is to us. My heart overflows with gratitude and love.

"And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

Through this verse I was actually reminded that we should be vigilant because the enemy may come and steal our miracle, but we can always rest in Him, knowing that He will finish the good work He started.

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