My Love is This It???

I truly love music and I am a singer at heart. I love to do so at all times, especially when I came to know the Lord. As I desperately sought Him early in my RJ, I have to be honest, for quite sometime I felt nothing. Through music, I was able to connect in such a special way with Him and loved to praise and worship. Then, I would quickly be in His presence. Music is such an important part for me with intimacy, but I also know that sometimes my HH “Heavenly Husband”  just wants ME and the quietness of just talking and/or listening with Him alone.

There is a time for everything and He always wants us to grow closer and I knew I had to let go of praise and worship music so He could show me something beautiful. After receiving a message from the ministry that one of my PR’s was not going to be used, due to it highlighting praise and worship rather than a LOVE SONG, I SG “sought God” right away.

So, first I felt He wanted me to completely let go of all music during my time with Him alone. I told Him that I want absolutely nothing above Him, even something I think is good, like my praise and worship morning music. Once I let go I knew it was a higher level He wanted me to go to. It was hard without it, but my heart is HIS and I stuck with it.  Ladies, it was my time to receive my own LOVE SONG from HIM, so I waited patiently for His instructions.

One day He asked me to go to Pandora and look up LOVE SONG RADIO. I did and the very first song, my heart jumped and I said, “My Love is this it??? The very first one?” My heart just knew, but my mind questioned and I thought, just in case, to continue to listen. Well I did for a few other days and nothing. Then one day driving in the car, He reminded me of this love song and it was something in the lyrics that I just wasn’t sure about. SO I asked Him about it. And at that moment, tears rolled down my face as He shared that when it says He has “died”, it’s because HE knows me so well and He knows I struggle with believing that HE forgives me every day, every moment and every second of my entire life—even as I continue to fail Him—He will alway love and forgive me.

EVERY word in that song was for US, me as His Bride and He as my HH!! Now I had my own LOVE SONGA Thousand Years” from HIM AND to make it even more special, I was able to go on a Honeymoon to Paris!!! He gave me our Love song at the perfect time, in time for this romantic trip. Wow, His time is PERFECT!!

(PS. I had never heard this song until HE gave it to me)

~ Lota in Florida
Restored after going THROUGH the Fire!
RMI’s Spanish Español Minister