My Tears Began to Fall


 Blessed God for this wonderful and faithful, no matter what sins or mistakes we make.

My EH and I have 1 year and 7 months been apart but we have very cordial communication. Praise the Lord. We have no children but he took care of our 3 pets while I was at the EW Retreat in Nicaragua. Upon returning home after 1 week of being out, I realized that the Internet connection was not working, therefore, I called the phone company who manages the network and who told me that they have withdrawn the line (we’ve had for 14 years) for late payment therefore I must set up for new service. I thank God that He gave me the wisdom to accept His will as a blessing.

So I chose just one of the many phone companies available where I live (since I need the internet for own work and ministry) and what my surprise I meet my EH at the same place. I praise God because that allowed me to inform him that I was back without having to call him. Hallelujah!!! When he saw me he came to greet me very warmly and I instead of the old me who would have complained over the loss of my telephone service, God instead, allowed me to shut my mouth about it and just have a warm smile on my face.

After 2 hours, I finish my application to reconnect service (along with a substantial payment) and begin to get to my car. As I go I am required to give him the parking stub but it’s nowhere. I explain my predicament to the parking attendant, but he says I can not take the vehicle without it. The guard comes over a bit annoyed and he tells me to complete a procedure and the charge will be about $ 8 for the replacement of the card, plus I have to show papers for me vehicle and if it is not in my name, I will not be able to get a replacement card. Knowing I am facing an impossibility, I return to my vehicle and I cry out to the Lord for mercy because I can not spend more money and also do not want to call my EH since the vehicle it is in his name. The guard comes over to see if I found the card but I tell him that there was nothing and continue looking in my bag.

Then I watch as the guard gets out of his car and approaches my window and says, “Ma’am you inspire me, your calmness and confidence and I will trust you, please do not mention this to anyone because I would lose my job, but even though you’ve only shown the vehicle documents to me, here is a new tab to exit.”

My tears began to fall, I could not hold them back, because of how our beloved God heard my prayer and touched the heart of this guard. I did not have to do any paperwork, did not pay, nor did I have to call my EH. God blessed for being so faithful, loving and merciful toward the situation I found myself in.

Jesus looking upon them says, With men it is impossible; but not with God; because all things are possible with God. Mark 10:27

Likewise the Spirit also helps our weaknesses, for what we should pray for as we know not; but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans. Romans 8:26

Regardless of the circumstances that we face we must surrender to the Lord alone, ask with faith and He will grant us mercy because He is our Beloved Father, everything is possible for us.

~ Poppy in Costa Rica

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