Never Look Elsewhere

Dear bride this Chapter 1 "What Is the Abundant Life?" has really help me to see how much I need to surrender my life. It has helped me to have the mind of only trusting and opening up all my things to him because he is supposed to be first in all things in our life. It has helped me to see if we only seek him first in our life every pain and all the sorrows that we go through will be no more because we have put him first in our life. Seek him and he will be right next to us.

It's has helped me to seek the Lord in my life like never before and helped me to see and know that he wants to be first in my life. As I am learning and seeking him in my life I know that he will be right next to me when my heart is turned only to him. He wants me to put Him first in all matters of my life. Please Lord, you are all that I need and want.

For the past few days I was asking my HH to help me in letting go of my past adulteress life it was affecting me in almost all areas of my life. I first started counting how many men I have been with and told him that I wouldn't want this kind of life for me it has messed up my life in all areas. I thanks my HH because he was so close and he heard my prayer because I felt better than I use to feel. I have learned that in this life that we live we have only one life we need to live for that is fellowshipping with the lord.

Other than that is always pain and sorrow. Am still seeking more of my HH so that my heart, life and soul will start living for him alone. Sometimes I feel negative voices to wanting to pursue my FH because of the state I am in. It breaks me to know that he was lying to me about him wanting to come home and live with us and I feel stupid that l am pregnant with him and he come now to tell me that he loves the other woman and he was doing that because the other woman was pregnant with him, now that she has delivered she all good to him.

I feel the pain and am still asking my HH to first forgive and also deliver me from all this pain in my heart. Right now my HH you are all I need and want in my life. It's only you that can make my life clean.

My beloved HH you are the only one who makes changes in our life. Change my life so that it can be a reflection to those who have lost hope in you let them know that you are a God who never leaves and abandon. Let all the people who have seen me as a bad and disobedient woman let know that you are a covenant-keeping God. Who changes the lives of people. As I am still learning more of God will please lord lead me to do what I am learning in your word and also I can share with others.

Let us pray as we lay down our burdens: My dear beloved HH I am asking you to show me how to love because I have never experienced what true love is. Sometimes I feel tired because am expecting, I don't do much of searching for your word. Please, I beg you my Lord understand me and bear with me in my situation but all I know is that my heart longs for you. Sometimes I forget easily but please you truly know the state of my heart and want I long for is you. I want to let you know you are all I want and need.

Dear brides never look elsewhere He is all that we need in our life.

This is a book Finding the Abundant Life will change your mind and focus in your life. I have found it to be life-changing to the glory of God.

~ Nomuula in Zambia
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