Not in Vain!!

♕ Today's Promise: "They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death." Revelation 12:11

Good evening Brides :)) HH never ceases to amaze me!! I had to stop what I was doing to write this PR to let you Brides know what He has been doing in my First Love Closed Group on Facebook.

HH has shown me that He is in control, that He is changing the hearts of the ladies in my Closed Group even when it seems that nothing is happening. I received a message on Messenger from one of the ladies in my FB Closed Group who has been a Stander for many years, she messaged to ask me some questions about EH and OW.

This led to me being able to explain about "Letting Go" and running after my HH. That I was being faithful to Him by putting Him 1st, speaking to Him about everything. She replied saying that it made sense as she had been reading so many testimonies about it. She said that she wanted what she had been reading about in the testimonies and had read where I had been posting about having a Daily Spiritual Meal and spending time with HH. What!!? Brides, you won't believe how happy I was knowing that what I had been posting in my Closed Group was not in vain!!

She spoke about consistency so I encouraged her about making a decision about following one ministry or teaching and she agreed and said that she was getting mixed messages. I encouraged her to speak to HH about it and told her how HH had guided me. I was also able to share Olivia's PR's who was a previous Stander with her :))

I encouraged her to read the "How To Be Blessed" principles which are posting every Tuesday and Psalms and Proverbs.

She expressed still feeling hurt seeing EH with OW... So many of us have experienced this hurt... Having thoughts consumed with EH and OW, bitterness towards OW. I thank my HH for my RJ as I was able to comfort her with ALL the comfort my HH has given to me and the wisdom He gave me by encouraging her to forgive, to look up every scripture on forgiveness she could find and to ask HH to do the "hard part" which is the "heart part". I explained that I told HH that I was not able to forgive in my own strength but that He would have to work on my heart to forgive and take away the pain and that He did! I was healed! No more consuming thoughts of OW and when I do slip up I immediately pray and ask for His help!

This is what she said that I was so excited to share with you Brides:) She thanked me and said that she truly wants to have what a lot of the testimonies speak about. To long for HH and to get to a point where she no longer wants restoration but only His will. I assured her that she would and prayed with her asking HH for her to have an intimate relationship with HH that she had read about, that we have all spoken about. To give her joy that bubbles over in her heart. I asked HH to give her what He gave me, feeling complete and satisfied and whole. Then she prayed 🙂

There were definitely times I wondered if my Closed Group was helping the ladies I had as many come from Stander's backgrounds and are still part of Standers Groups. But I do believe that every Praise report written by each of you Brides expressing your love and praise for HH is what makes the difference. Your testimonies are what heals so many hurting women.

As we fall deeper in love with our HH, as He continues healing us, showering us with His love, gifts, provision may we each share what our HH has done in our journeys with the women He has placed into our lives.

I just want to add that we have to be sensitive to our HH, to what He wants us to share and when. When I saw the message I immediately said a quick prayer saying HH help me to point this bride to You and He did!

I was supposed to share some Praise from my Closed Group with you 1st. But I suppose HH had other plans for me to share what I have today. In my next PR I will share it with you :))

Psalm 22:22 "I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done".

Matthew 5:14-16 "You are light for the world. A city cannot be hidden when it is located on a hill. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket. Instead, everyone who lights a lamp puts it on a lamp stand. Then its light shines on everyone in the house. In the same way let your light shine in front of people. Then they will see the good that you do and praise your Father in heaven".

Let your light shine by sharing your praise in Praise Reports so that hurting women can know their HH who will take away their hurt and pain and give them joy!

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