Not Only Here for Restoration of my Marriage—but Much More!

Beloved friends, I would like to thank each one of you for the time and effort dedicated to blessing our lives by sharing your praises and by giving to RMI. I AM praying that God will bless your life more and more, and that just as He has done for you, He will use me to bless other lives with what I have received here.

Beloved friends, each day, going through these courses, my intimacy with my beloved HH is growing and it is wonderful to see Him shaping me into someone beautiful. It is giving me wisdom, and today I see so many changes in me and in the crisis I had when I found you and came here. Already I can feel His work being done and know that I am not only here for the restoration of my marriage—but much more.

My beloved HH, only you know how much I needed to be here and what it would take to make me look and find this ministry! Words are simply not enough to describe how much I feel loved and cared for now. Today, I thank you for everything You have done, and how you have always been with me. I know I am not alone and never will be. What a gift I want to share with every woman!

Beloved friends, do not give up, look up from your despair because your help comes having Him as you HH. You simply must trust our Beloved and just feel Him move in your favor. He can not only restore this marriage, but He has even more for you. He wants you to rest and trust Him for everything.

Beloved ones, each day the light of our Beloved and dear HH can illuminate your path, giving you the necessary strength so that you can continue and be victorious in this walk with Him.