Nothing is impossible When Holding My HH Hands

Brides, nothing is impossible when holding my HH hands. Over the last weekend, I had to travel to the city where my EH is now living. I went with my son and we’re there for 4 days in which he EH spent 2 with us (because of work he couldn’t spend more).

I have to say ladies I was a bit worried that my baby wouldn’t get to see his daddy knowing he had been asking to see his daddy.

I prayed for HH to reconcile his (EH) love to his son. And so He did. HE never fails. The joy on my baby face was so satisfying. I told my HH I didn’t mind if he wouldn’t talk to me. As it turned out, my EH enjoyed his time with both of us, he was so sweet with me! My HH is so precious that He made sure that I see He is turning back EH heart back home to his family.

In my doubt, I repeated that I would fear no evil tidings for my hope was set trusting in Him and that He was all I needed (read the FALL) and He showed up like always right on time. We shared the same room (with EH) although we slept apart, we talked nicely at night.

I know there is a long way to go yet but the best part of this journey is that I’m traveling holding hands with my HH. My guide protector and provider.

Ladies don’t ever give up. Anytime I think of quitting my HH shows me answers through somewhere reminding me that with Him all is possible.

For with God nothing shall be impossible. KJV

~ Jewel in Honduras