Only Accountable to My Heavenly Husband

♕ Today's Promise: “For the LORD has called you, like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit, even like a wife of one’s youth when she is rejected,” Says your God. Isaiah 54:6

Dear Brides, there is a new Truth that you can discover in and it is all about you! The things that have been said about you or to you to bring destruction are lies of the enemy. You may have been searching and looking for something that gives you hope and a love that is like no will find and discover it here in Finding the Abundant Life Chapter 8 "Who Are You Listening To?". Come and join us in discovering your new identity.

The only opinion that matters is His. Though I have others in my life that pray with me and are on this journey with me, my first reaction and One to run to needs to be Him and Him alone. This has not always been the case. Simply because the "voice" is instant to hear verses waiting for Him to speak. I have noticed that this is what has taken place in my life and it is not beneficial. My Love, knows the whole situation, details that I don't even know, so who better to run to than Him?

What I have been desiring and seeking from my husband cannot be found in him, only in my Love. I have been wanting to hear from my husband I love you again, that I am beautiful (the most beautiful, sexy, attractive) woman he has ever seen, and so on but I know that being the way that it is right now, that is a far fetched desire and dream. I have struggled with knowing who my husband is with and her age and all of the things he has been doing with her, taking her places that I have asked to go (and recently) to taking our family items, like fishing poles and so on has been hurtful and devastating to see this take place before me. However, my Love has spoken to me and said, remember when you read Michele's testimony and I told her it will stop when it doesn't bother her anymore? This is also the case with you. The charger in the truck will be removed, the trips will stop, the outings you guys were to take and he is now taking her to do, the money he is spending/wasting on that life will cease....when it no longer bothers you!!!! WOW!!! Ok my Love.

Having a gentle, quiet and calm spirit, one that is not easily hurt or angered. When something arises, I MUST run to Him first and wait for His answer. I need to honor Him and not run to others.

I also need to remember that I do not need to share details with others. I do not owe them anything nor do I need to explain my decisions or actions to them. I am only accountable to my Heavenly Husband. I need to speak only when He says to speak. I need to trust Him and let Him guide me.

He is all that I want and all that I need. I live for Him and Him alone. Only His opinion and what He says about me matters.

My Love these last few years have been a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, circumstances, trials, tribulations and crises, nothing that You are not already aware of. These years are something I would never change or exchange. I love that I have come to see You in a new light and way.

My Love my desire is to know and love You as my Heavenly Husband, to have the Life so Abundant. I want to radiate with You and Your Love. I want to be and experience the Love that my dear sisters, Erin, Michele and many others are talking about. I desire and crave that. I don't want to be a part of those that go through the emotions and never reach this. I am asking for You to make me a part of the few that make it to the Promised Land, that reach this Love and level that is like no other. I want to become Your Bride. I need Your help to do this, I don't know how. Change me! Help me! I want this kind of relationship, love and life with You. I want to take Your hand and never let go.

I don't want to cry or be hurt by my marriage or the actions of my husband any longer. I don't want to shed one more tear over it. I know that is a bold statement but my Love I can only do it with You. So today, I come before You to ask in this bold statement, that today marks the day of my new life. I know the enemy will try his tactics to test me on this but my Love, I ask that You make me "numb" to these attacks, that there will be no effect on me anymore. I cannot do this on my own. I need You to do it for me. There is no way I can do it.

Dear Brides, we have been raised to believe and rely on the opinions and desires of others in our lives. So when we come to this place in our marriages the first thing most of us do is run to these very people that we have always sought advice from. But in reality, the only advice we need to seek is from our Heavenly Husband.

The opinions of others are often tainted with their own emotions and worldly thoughts. It is not based on the Word of God. It is not based on what God says. So how can we be expected to "conquer" our way through this fire when the places we seek guidance from has no solid foundation?

The lies you have been told from a very young age are implanted deep into your mind, heart and soul BUT that is exactly what they are LIES from the enemy. We need to learn the truth of what our Heavenly Husband says about us. They are the total opposite of what we have been told all of our lives. For the Truth shall set you free!

There is a new Truth that you can discover and it is all about you! The things that have been said about you or to you to bring destruction are lies of the enemy. You may have been searching and looking for something that gives you hope and a love that is like no will find and discover it here. Come and join us in discovering your new identity.

I am reminded of, "Trust [confidently] in the Lord forever [He is your fortress, your shield, your banner], for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock [the Rock of Ages]." Isaiah 26:4 (AMP)

Despite how many times I mess up or others "attack" me, my Love will always be my covering. My trust needs to remain in Him and Him alone. He will protect me. He will guide me. He will sustain me.

~ Olivia in California
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