Our Heavenly Husband Takes Care of Us

♕ Today's Promise: “Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!”. Psalm 100:4

☊ PR Podcast Ladavia

First, I must ask my Heavenly Husband’s forgiveness for not sharing this praise report before now. He is so good and faithful and I praise His mighty name. I admit this is my first praise report, but it will not be my last. I have to learn to share His goodness and not keep it to myself. I need to share His blessings to help encourage others just like the ones who went before us did for us. I think it’s important to show He is still alive and doing miracles, signs and wonders every day. It’s not just in the ancient past. We must acknowledge Him and His goodness.

Sisters, last Christmas season (2019) my wonderful Heavenly Husband provided meals for me for over 2 solid weeks! Now, this may not seem like much, but I didn’t even ask Him for it. My Heavenly Husband just wanted to show His love for me and provided at least 1 and sometimes 2 meals a day. Most of the meals came at work, which is not common, some by friends picked up the tab unexpectedly, and even once at church. None of them were expected, planned or even thought of, really. He just provided and I gave Him thanks every time. I knew who they came from as soon as I received them. He just wanted to show me His love and show me that He cared about me and HE was my provider. My perfect Heavenly Husband.

Sisters this whole concept of surrendering to God and letting Him be our Heavenly Husband and putting all my trust in Him is new to me. Please don't think I have all this figured out and it's easy for me because it's not. I have always been taught that I can only depend on myself or my earthly husband. I was taught if I don’t do it no one else will. God is doing a work in me and showing me He will take care of me if I will just surrender to Him, seek Him and come to Him with everything. No matter how big or how small my concerns are He will take care of me, if I will let Him. He will be and IS my perfect Heavenly Husband.

Sisters let this encourage you that our Heavenly Husband will take care of us and show us love in the most unexpected ways. He wants to love on us. He wants to give us good gifts. He wants to be our provider. He wants to be our EVERYTHING, our Heavenly Husband. I am feeling and living in His favor. Praise God!

I encourage you to stop and look at the good things your Heavenly Husband is doing for you. Take your eyes off your problems (I know that’s hard because it’s our human tendency to look at the negative) and look at what HE is doing in your life. It really is quite amazing when we stop and look and acknowledge Him and His goodness.

Stay encouraged Sisters,

Much love & blessings

~ Ladavia in Texas
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