Our Love Song “We’ll Dance in a White Cloud”

Dear brides, I want to share that at the beginning of my search after Lota shared with me about the Love Song, our HH gave her, My Love is this It? Trying to choose a secular song, I found disrespectful, and even very, very strange, but then I sought my HH, to ask if this came from His Heart. What was revealed to our beloved and visionary Erin, I asked HIM to help me, and I wanted to know about this thoroughly since everything Erin teaches us has always been to advance us and of GREAT BLESSING!

Every time I learn something from RMI, and I put it into practice— the results have been wonderful! and I did not want to miss a blessing.

So I put that in my daily prayer, and I found a love song, which is totally how my HH is identified for me !! It is titled “YOU ARE ALL IN ME !!”

AND IT'S TRUE!!! Yet I want to add, that when I shared all this in my FB group and Youtube channel, a real problem arose !!! Many women left the group, although I shared biblical references of how the song describes my HH, they started attacking me, and even a very dear friend asking me that if I knew that the singer was a lesbian?! I told her what did that have to do with anything, but ahhhh.. should I defend myself??, hehehe. When I have my Defender ..

The truth was, I was not prepared for all this, but THE ONE WHO IS FAITHFUL AND BEAUTIFUL MY HH, used my EH, to go out to defend me publicly, even without having the right sense, I felt, embraced and protected by my HH.

The messages of my EH, for all those women, was with respect, always, but with a sense of showing that this song is beautiful and that it was one of his favorites, hahaha, I did not know this until that moment.

I spent sad days despite the support, I just surrendered it to Him and told my HH, I was going to close the comments against this because there were many who began to share their love songs, before knowing all these comments happened, but because of fear they did not share it. In the comments, they said it was crazy to sing worldly songs to our HH, and all of the opposition started contacting them (those that wanted to embrace their love song) quoting biblical verses where we are told that we are enemies of GOD for following the current of this world with these songs, that GOD IS HOLY and that only Christian songs should be used.

But OHHHH SURPRISE !! My HH gave me another love song, second on my list, it is called “I Love You So Much” and likewise it makes me spill honey of love for HIM, MY HH.

I shared it and some of them who opposed me said that it was beautiful and that it had been ministering to them while they were singing to it. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! HE CHANGES HEARTS !! EVEN THE MOST RELIGIOUS. I KNOW THAT THE SECRET IS GOING TO HIM AND ASKING HIM!

HERE is "Eres Todo En Mi" OUR LOVE SONG that I SHARED  FIRST, AND MY FAVORITE PART IS WHEN HE SAYS WE'LL DANCE IN A WHITE CLOUD THAT IS IN HEAVEN! I imagine when I meet Him, He will give me His hand and invite me to dance on a cloud !!


~ Veronica in California

Veronica’s RMT